Party Planning 101: 5 Unique Kiddie Party Theme Ideas

This is where all the fun begins – choosing the perfect theme. To jump-start your party planning, you have to make one of the most important decision by choosing the theme. Basically, the theme dictates the over-all mood of the party and it’ll be easier to pull together everything once you have finalized the theme. From the colors and decors to your giveaways and dessert offerings, every arrow should point to the same direction. Remember, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Avoid going overboard by injecting too much details that will not complement your theme because there’s a very fine line between a beautiful mess and just plain messy!

The thing I love most about parties, especially children’s parties, is that you can go with a lot of ways and have fun with it. Whether you’re up for a splash of happy colors or you choose to have a more subtle and elegant celebration, the bottom line is that there are no strict rules when it comes to throwing the perfect party. From the usual cartoon characters we have grown to love, here are 5 more kiddie party theme ideas that will surely give your party a unique twist.


Books-themed Party
What’s not to love? From our beloved classic children’s books to present day fantasy novels, even some of the longest-running comic strips are here to give us a glimpse of their world through these parties.

Links: Wizard of Oz / Where the Wild Things Are / The Very Hungry Caterpillar / The Little Prince

Links: Guess How Much I Love You / Little Red Riding Hood / Little Red Riding Hood (2) / The Lorax

hunger games2
Links: Free Printables via HWTM

Links: The Great Gatsby / The Hobbit / Harry Potter / The Hunger Games

calvin and hobbes
Link: Calvin and Hobbes

charlie brown
Link: Charlie Brown and the Gang

Toys-themed party
Here’s something that will surely make your kids happy. From his first car to her favorite doll house, even her first stuffed toy comes to life with these parties.

Links: Play-Doh / Transportation / Paper Dolls / Super Heroes / Bunny

Links: Rubber Ducky / Elephant / Play Kitchen / Crayon

Links: Swing / Robot / Kite

doodle art
Link: Doodle Art

Nursery Rhymes-themed party
Remember those nursery rhymes you love to read / sing to your little ones? Their playful graphics and catchy lyrics will give you plenty of inspiration to get your creative juice flowing.

nursery rhymes1
Links: The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf / Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / You are My Sunshine

nursery rhymes2
Links: Little Lamb / Barnyard / Mother Goose / Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Seasonal-themed party
Here’s a perfect way to get into the spirit of the holiday season. Whether you’re having a Valentine’s day-themed party in February, Back-to-school bash in June or Halloween Spookfest in November, give your guests the greatest experience by throwing these seasonal-themed parties.

Links: Summer / Mardi Gras / Coachella / Cupid

Link: Halloween

Links: Back to School / Santa’s Workshop / Cinco De Mayo / Winter Wonderland / Summer Picnic

Link: Pista sa Nayon

Link: Colorful Raindrops

Designer/Brands-themed party
Because inspirations can be found everywhere, parties inspired by some of the most well-known designer brands are also going mainstream. Calling all fashionistas!

Links: Ralph Lauren / Burberry / Kate Spade / Ladurée / Chanel

Links: Lilly Pulitzer / Porkchop and Friends / Tiffany & Co. / Polo / Krispy Kreme

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celebrations fair


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