Gavin’s Charlie Brown and the Gang Themed Party – 1st Birthday

It’s Gavin’s street fair birthday party!

Today’s party will show us why the Peanuts gang still got the classic charm that can wow us over and over again. To be frank, I’m quite excited to feature Gavin’s party. Although this timeless classic has taken backseat to today’s popular cartoon characters (read: Disney, Nickelodeon and Marvel), I’m pretty sure the challenge to produce these Charlie Brown and the gang themed party décors made it more exciting for our uber talented stylists from Design Avenue for Party Starters.

About planning Gavin’s wonderful party from Mich of Party Starters:

“Mom of Gavin, Ms. Dee is based in Arizona, USA. Coordinating with her wasn’t so difficult at all since constant communication over email and phone calls helped us during conceptualization. We were only given a chance to meet during the event itself. She wanted to veer away from the traditional party set up so we focused on using wooden elements such as the wooden picket fence, wooden lemonade stand, crates for the pumpkin patch and game booths. The party was inspired by the Snoopy Street Fair Game. We focused on Charlie Brown but did not use his colors which are yellow, black and brown but instead opted for softer hues of baby blue, lime and yellow.”

I love the laid-back vibe of Gavin’s party! The ambiance was very cozy and relaxing, if you ask me. The color combinations were perfect as well. Personally, I also prefer these hues more than the signature colors of yellow, black and brown of Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown and the gang were all present for Gavin’s party. A+ for effort in creating these cute custom cut-out centerpieces! There’s Charlie Brown, Lucy, Marcie, Linus, Sally, Snoopy and Woodstock. These miniature picket fences and buntings bring everything together- Cute!

I’m sure Gavin’s guests had a blast playing at these game booths which included Balloon Pop Game and Ring Toss. They also have the classic comic art coloring station.

For Gavin’s sweet treats spread, Mommy Dee provided the woodwork and props, also the hanging polaroids for the photo gallery and the hand painted letter standee! The Rice Krispies were baked by Mommy Dee’s sister and Tita especially for Gavin’s party. You can tell that a lot of love and effort went into making this party extra special!

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Vendor Listing and References:

Venue: Tribecca Clubhouse Sucat, Paranaque
Styling: Design Avenue for Party Starters
Caterer: Fig Tree Catering
Cake and cake pops: Bunch O Treats by Tin Avena


  1. Creativity is apparent just by looking at the photos. Indeed, nowadays, children’s parties have evolved into elaborate artistic creations. The celebrant and guests for sure had fun.

  2. I love this theme very unique and very child-friendly theme, the cupcakes and the decors are incredible, very nice indeed. worth all the effort and I’m pretty sure the customer is very happy.

  3. Wahhh shame on me I forgot the image of Charlie Brown and yet he was my favorite character before. From the decorations, those cute little things, the stage, all of it are so amazing. The stylists are very talented to have this realized, I am sure the mom and the bday celebrant is so happy to see the outcome of the theme.

  4. Everything here is so lovely! There’s always something about birthday parties that make me drawn to it. It might be because it gives so much joy to the kiddos. Their smiles and giggles are simply priceless!

  5. Oh my!!! This theme is so cute and adorable! I love the colors too! It’s soft and yet lively! I love Charlie Brown and the gang, in fact, my son just watched it before he went to bed tonight! I love love love everything in this party!

  6. These days it’s not hard to communicate to people despite of it’s location and distance because of the advancement of technology. Internet brings us closer. Anyway, I love the theme looks very friendly and unique.

  7. How I love beautifully decorated birthday parties like this. It’s my dream to be a party planner. Hopefully in the future I can pull-off a well-decorated and fabulous parties.

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