Francesco’s Vintage Race Car Themed Birthday – 2nd Birthday

Start your engines! Francesco’s vintage race car themed party is all set to zoom past the race track. Race car themed party is undeniably one of the most popular themes for boys. After all, boys will always be boys and they love fast cars, right? Francesco’s party maybe an intimate celebration but judging by these photos, Pristine surely didn’t hold back on making it extra special by adding adorable party details all through out the venue.

Some behind the scene details from Mommy Anna:

“We chose a vintage race car theme for our son Francesco’s 2nd birthday party. I decided to work with a good friend, Pristine to execute some of the ideas I had. I wanted a simple celebration that both kids and adults will appreciate. She was very easy to talk to and she knew exactly what I wanted. I gave her my budget and we pretty much stuck to it. Since I had a trip to the States planned a few weeks before the party, I ordered some things that were not available here, like the oversized balloons! Little did I know that there would be a shortage of helium here, making it too expensive to fill up! It’s a good thing that Pristine was so resourceful that she found a way to suspend the balloons from the ceiling giving everyone the impression that they were floating in the air. Francesco’s cute little race car was another highlight for photo ops during the party! The kids loved riding and pretending to drive it. We chose Milky Way as the venue because of the delicious but very reasonable food. It was also big enough to accommodate all our guests. Hearing my guests say that the party was Pinterest-worthy was like music to my ears! Of course I share all the credit with Party Please…”

This cardboard fold up car is a cute way to serve some snacks to the guest. Francesco’s table centerpieces came complete with trophies too!

Fuel up with some yummy sweet treats and get ready for sugar rush!

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Francesco’s kiddie guests sure had a great time at the party. Just look at those amazing prizes and party favors!

I can see where Francesco got his good looks coz they sure are a lovely bunch.

family picA
Vendor Details and References:

Venue: Milkyway Café, Pasay Road
Stylist / Coordinator: Party Please Event Styling
Kiddie Chairs: Reserv
Photographer: Juanee Escudero
Cake and Cupcakes: Cupcakes by Sonja
Host/Magician: Sir Ferdini


  1. oh wow, i never loved birthday parties, but i am starting to love them now as I see your featured parties. Lots of great ideas and creativity in bringing out the most fun and unique experience for the kids.

  2. Though kids know much about vintage cars, but the way the decorations was handled, my say. the birthday celebrant and the guests did have fun and appreciated much the theme.

  3. My son definitely will like this theme when he was a little boy. He still likes car and race car too 🙂 The decorations looks beautiful. I really like it. Great job with the team 🙂

  4. Hi! Your articles on Kiddie Parties are really nice! They are all amazing and my goodness the themes are just beyond my concept of kiddie parties! I’m just curious, How do parties get featured in your blog?

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