Riley and Dilly’s Mexican Fiesta Themed Party

¡Hola! One of the perks of having (cool) “chido” parents is that you get to have a party wwaaayyy cooler than the other kids. Have you seen the other parties I’ve featured? The level of creativity simply blows me away! What I like about Riley and Dilly’s Mexican Fiesta themed party is the added little twist they made – the Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) flair definitely brings their party to a whole new level of awesomeness! By the way, the daddy of Riley and Dilly is no other than Marc of

These Lucha Libre posters at the entrance gave their guests the perfect first impression of what they’re about to experience inside – 100% pure Mexican fun!


No Mexican fiesta party will be complete without these colorful paper picados. While these Lucha Libre posters, masks and ring (padded playmats for toddlers), made it sooo Lucha Libre ready.

centerpiece (2)centerpieceactivityactivity (2)

Fiesta! There’s lots of singing, dancing and games by Clowning Around.


Warning: Drool worthy food porn c/o Mexicali. Trust me.

From the nacho and churros food carts to the enchiladas and burritos, these Mexican food favorites sure gained a two thumbs-up from their guests – Mexican food lover or not. Of course, also present are the Filipino favorites, Sorbetes ice cream and taho. I also applaud Indy’s attention to detail, the little details she used on the buffet table and dessert spread wouldn’t go unnoticed by my very OC eyes. Teehee!

food cart (3)food cart (4)food cart (2)food cartfood (3)food (4)food (5)

I love, love, love everything in their enticing sweet treats tablescape. From the “sombrero” to the “piñata” cookies, and of course, the “cactus” mini cake and the “Lucha Libre mask” cupcake, one word –GENIUS! Everything was all tied up perfectly to the theme. The cake? Adorable! Oh, there’s the talented and creative Indy of She Dreams of Ink.

she dreams of inkdessert spreaddessert spread (3)dessert sombrero (2)dessert sombrerodessert pinatadessert pinata cookiesdessert cupcakedessert cactusdessert cakedessert detailsdessert details (4)

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  1. that theme looks amazing! haha missing the pinoy ice cream too! is it jsut wonderful to have mexican food in a one full house full of happy people.

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