Sadie’s Chic Summer Theme Party – 1st Birthday

Summer Theme Party Ideas Summer invites us to bask in the sunshine, unwind, and create memories that linger for a lifetime. Rather than dreading the scorching heat and languid days, Sadie’s Charming Summer-Themed Party serves as a delightful reminder of how enjoyable this season can be! The collaboration between Party Doll Manila and Dianne Khu […]

Mica’s Pastel Ice Cream Wonderland Themed Party – 3rd Birthday

Ice Cream Shoppe Theme Party Ideas What’s the Scoop? A Girly Ice Cream Wonderland! We’re absolutely thrilled to have you join us in this whimsical ice cream wonderland, where flavors and toppings blend to create an enchanting experience for all. Today, we gather to celebrate Mica Chloe’s special day in a charming, pastel-themed ice cream […]

Hunter’s Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Theme Party Ideas In the whimsical words of Willy Wonka, ‘Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.’ And on this extraordinary occasion—Hunter’s birthday—we wholeheartedly embrace this sentiment. The enchantment that awaits is impossible to overstate, thanks to the creative touch of The Party Project Manila and Party Doll Manila. […]

Franco’s 1st trip Around the Sun

Outerspace Theme Party Ideas What’s the best theme to celebrate a child’s first trip around the sun? An outer space-themed celebration, of course! For today’s party inspiration, we venture beyond Earth and explore the possibility of life beyond our planet. We had a blast organizing this out-of-this-world party styled by the amazing Party Magic. And […]

Cristiana Isabel’s Sweet Sanrio Café Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Hello Kitty Cafe Theme Party Ideas Since its initial character design in 1962, Sanrio has brought immense joy to countless little girls, teens, and even adults. From Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, and My Melody to Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, and Badtz-Maru, these extraordinarily adorable characters have captured the hearts of girls everywhere. Now, let’s talk about […]

Khael’s Pinoy Fiesta Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Pista sa Nayon Theme Party Ideas We Filipinos are a festive bunch, always finding reasons to celebrate and be grateful. That’s why fiestas are such an integral part of our culture, bringing families together for joyous reunions. For many of us, our fondest memories include these big, annual gatherings filled with food and fun. Khael’s […]

Ady Jane’s Circus Themed Birthday Party – 1st Birthday

Circus Theme Party Ideas All aboard the fun train, folks! We’re celebrating the ringmaster of cuteness herself, Ady Jane, who just turned a magnificent one year old! Buckle up for a whirlwind of thrills and spills as we take you inside her dazzling first birthday bash, a whimsical circus extravaganza. Styled by Deiz did an […]

Alonzo’s Mickey & Minnie’s Jungle Adventure – 1st Birthday

Mickey Mouse’s Safari Adventure Party Ideas Are you ready for a one-derful adventure? We hope you are because we’re excited to share this inspiration with you. Little Alonzo celebrated his first birthday with a safari-themed bash that we had the pleasure of organizing. The guests had a roaring good time with the amazing styling by […]

Liam’s Toy Story Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Toy Story Theme Party Ideas One. Whole. Year! Hold onto your hats (or should we say sheriff badges?), because it’s time to celebrate our little fella Liam’s 1st birthday with a rootin’ tootin’ Toy Story bash! We’re looking forward to seeing his special day filled with magic and wonder just like Andy’s room, and let […]

Samantha’s Snow White Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Snow White Theme Party Ideas “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale”. The birth of Samantha was the beginning of her parents’ happy-ever-after, so when she turned one, they celebrated her birthday with a fairytale party to remember. Time flew right by as Party Doll […]

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