Amber Soleil’s Mardi Gras Inspired Party – 1st Birthday

We’re celebrating my daughter’s 3rd birthday today, yay!.Since it’s also Thursday, I decided to make a throwback post and share with you her 1st birthday party last 2012. For her 1st birthday, I wanted a non-character theme that’s very festive and overly colorful. Initially, I was planning to throw a Cirque Du Soleil themed party but changed my mind. What really appealed to me the most were their extremely flamboyant makeups and costumes, using the colors of violet, yellow and green, I decided to have a Mardi Gras inspired party instead. Notice the word “Inspired”? It’s because I don’t want to go all the way with the beads, floats and the parade. Hmm…Do I make any sense? Anyway, I’ll spare you guys the boring details and go straight to the party details!

With the vision I have in mind, I think only Kidstar Kastles can do the job perfectly. They’re known for their colorful setup from the entrance, ceiling and stage backdrop. For me, it’s a no brainer especially with the theme I was having. I messaged Imma 8 months before the party to reserve the slot. Teehee! Just to be sure. Also, I’m so lucky to be able to book Jed Uy to cover the event. He’s a one man show but he really delivers. I’m very impressed.

entrancestage (2)stage (3)ceiling (8)
To add a little Cirque Du Soleil type of entertainment, I booked The Neutron to perform. I think my heart stopped for few seconds while watching their performance, some of their routines scared the living daylight out of me! Chayno, our party host, livened up the event with games and magic show.

show (2)show (3)show (5)showshow (4)
The food is non-negotiable for me. Since I already got Verleo Catering during my eldest daughter’s party and needless to say, I was very happy with their food and service, I got them again the second time around. (Well, going 3rd this coming March). I bought the lechon from Rico’s Lechon (Cebu City), shipped via air freight for the party – It’s another must-have for me. For the food cart, I got cotton candy, french fries, popcorn and snow cones.

foodfood (2)food (3)cart (2)cart
I ordered the cake and cupcakes from Emily Uy Swing of Sugar Box. The package includes 50 pcs cupcake with a 2 tiered candle blowing cake. I’m so happy it came with the lighted and rotating cupcake stand! The designs are so adorable and as always, delish. Mariko of Popcakes also did an amazing job with the dessert spread. Some of the cakepops were included as part of the table centerpieces.

cakecake (2)cake (3)cakeAdessert (2)dessertdessert (3)centerpiece
I got Blow-Up Babies for our mobile studio booth, our guests loved it! For the kids, I asked Lolit of Business-shoppe to make these personalized pillows while the cute kiddie stools were made by Handicrafts Atbp.

photoboothphotobooth (2)photoboothCfavors (2)prizes (3)
Here’s one of my favorite photos of Amber during her party.

family (2)
Happy 3rd birthday, Amber! We love you very much.

Special thanks to Lovely of Sugarplum for this adorable cake! Amber loved it so much.

Vendor Listing and References:

Venue: Marina East Clubhouse
Styling: Kidstar Kastles
Photo Coverage: Jed Uy Photography
Video Coverage: Ford Cabrera Videography
Cake: Sugarbox Cakes
Invites/favors: Business-shoppe
Kiddie Stools: Handicrafts Atbp.
Dessert spread: Popcakes Bakeshop
Host: Chayno
Side Entertainment: The Nuetron Acrobat
Food Carts: Tons of Fun
Mobile Studio: Blow-up Events


  1. Oh wow, what a very lively and festive colors, it’s a memory worth treasuring a lifetime. I love Cirque du Solei and always see to it I see their shows, but never thought it can be a party theme too

  2. What a colorful theme! The kids must have been so thrilled to see all the decors. As usual, I was drawn to the cake and dessert spread. Yum! If only I can take a bite off my screen(lol).

  3. First, I love the name Amber. it is such a pretty girl’s name. Secondly, Amber is beautiful girl especially the last picture of her. What a joyous first birthday that was. Look at all the fun and colorful decorations. My oh my I bet that takes a lot of work and i cannot imagine 🙂

  4. oh, Amber looks so cutttteeeeee!!!!!! and the innocent happy face shows how much she had a grand time then! She is so lucky to have you as parents….may you always be blessed….:) enjoyed the party virtually! 🙂

    • Hi Sharon,

      Adults: Steamed Rice w/ Duck & Chorizo, Crispy Noodles w/ Seafood, Boneless Chicken Teriyaki, Korean Beef Bbq, Grilled Salmon w/ Spinach Cream Sauce, Grilled shrimp and Brocolli w/ Mushroom in XO Sauce.

      Kids: Baked Spaghetti, Chicken lolli and Pork Bbq

  5. This is the first I heard of a 1st birthday with a Mardi Gras theme! Amber’s party looks even colorful than our company’s mardi gars party few years back!I noticed you have a lot of suppliers, I can just imagine the task of.putting things together!! only a tremendous love can.endure! kudos mommy! 🙂 .. super duper nice party!

  6. I looove this!!! 🙂 Can’t get enough of New Orleans (the place the food, everything!) so I was thinking of having this theme too. I like how it wasn’t all out (beads, etc) but still very much in line with Mardi Gras! Very very creative PartyDollManila! 😀

  7. Hi Joanne,

    Was brwosing through your blog and came across this. May i know how you were able to book Marina East Clubhouse? i am eyeing that venue for my son’s 1st birthday but I don’t have sponsorship 🙁

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