Maggie’s Vintage Ice Cream Shoppe Themed Party – 3rd Birthday

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, I’m sure you’ll notice my unhealthy obsession with desserts. For me, a perfect meal always ends with delectable desserts. So when I first saw the sneak peek photos from Maggie’s Vintage Ice Cream Shoppe themed party, it certainly piqued my interest. I’m sure glad I got to feature this lovely party here today, having oodles of fun and gorgeous party details that will give inspiration to everyone. You know what, after reading this post, I’m sure a lot of you will consider this sweet and wonderful theme for your next party.

As I’ve said a couple of times, Kidstar Kastles is known for their colorful party setup, and having them to style a vintage type of party is something to look forward to. I honestly thought I’d never see the day of them joining this trend in the children party scene. From the entrance to the stage décor, the wooden element they used provided the perfect canvass for Maggie’s Vintage Ice Cream Shoppe themed party. Personally, I love the match up of pink and brown. The balloon pillars shaped to look like a huge sundae is sooo adorable. I love it!

entrancestage (2)stageAstage (5)stageB

Well, a Kidstar Kastles party will not be complete without lavish ceiling treatment.

ceilingstage (8)venue

I love how Krissy of Little People Lifestyle Photography perfectly captured the party and the priceless smiles and laughter of the guests. I’m sure Maggie will cherish these wonderful memories in the future.

gamesgames (4)guests (2)guests (3)

These arts and crafts activities that are so much into the theme are pretty clever. They really gave a lot of thought to it – there’s the “Yummy Summer Popsicle” (coloring station), “Rainbow Ice Cream Playdough” (make your own sundae using home-made playdough), “Scoop a Tag” (create your own bag tag) and “Bag of Treats” (decorate you own bag). Judging by these photos, the kids had a blast unleashing their creative side.

crafts (5)crafts (11)crafts (10)craftsAcrafts (7)crafts (4)crafts (8)craftscraftsB

For their desserts station, these pastel colored sweet treats look heavenly. The cupcake in a cone idea is fantastic! The “make your own sundae” bar should definitely be there, after all, this is a party theme in honor of them.

sweetssweets (3)sweets (2)

Just look at Maggie’s ridiculously adorable ice cream themed cake.


A little something for Maggie’s friends. What’s inside? More yummy goodies, I guessed.


Here are more snippets from Maggie’s fun-filled and exceedingly sweet Ice Cream Shoppe themed party.

family (3)MAGGIE1MAGGIE4

Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: Milky Way
Stylist: Kidstar Kastles
Photo Coverage: Little People Lifestyle Photography
Host: Apollo
Cake: The Bunny Baker
Craft Station by: Bianca Regala and Trixie Manuel


  1. I’m serious, everytime I visit your blog I am always left in awe by the designs and concepts. Ice cream is my comfort food and I would love to have it as my party theme even though I’m not a kid anymore. LOL

  2. Top 1 favorite blog! The birthday celebrator is so cute!! If she’s the one with chubby cheeks. 🙂 You always post nice party ideas! I really appreciate them because I love hosting themed-parties. Only I can do it at home or in a buffet restaurant so there’s not really much I can do. I wish someday I can rent a bigger place for a special family event and decorate it as nice as your posts. 🙂 Btw, saw the french macarons, perfect! 🙂

  3. my weaknesses are color, then, desserts, and that is why I love always being here, since I am always filled with colors and sweets, sweets bring joy and happiness, too bad it is deemed that too much of it is not good for our health, otherwise, i will just have dessert everyday! 🙂 love the designs and presentations here, and what is inspiring is that, they are different each time

  4. i love the whole colourful place!! i love sweets as well specially ice cream in mcdonalds or forzen yogurt or yummy cookies. hehe i am trying to live a healthy life but this I cannot resist! sugar rush there all the kid looks happy!

  5. children these days are very fortunate to experience grand parties like this. i love the theme so much, the colours are so sweet! the smile in the kids’ faces is priceless.

  6. For some reason this reminds me of the old Coney Island Ice Cream store… I mean the pink colors in particular.

  7. It’s only at this blog that I gained insights on various unique party themes. I love all the party features! Everything is so refreshing! Hands down!

  8. thanks for sharing your blog. this is like a “Bible” of birthday themes! I love ice cream ( who doesn’t?:)) I wish I could host an adult version of ice cream themed bday party:) I wonder how would i make it:)

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