Eloise Pajama Party Themed Event – 2nd Birthday

Good morning, sunshine! But wait, don’t roll out of bed just yet because Eloise’s pajama party is the perfect excuse to stay in bed a few minutes longer. A party that had me floating to la la land with its over the top and uber cute details, this is one pajama party you wouldn’t want to miss. Brilliantly carried out by Michelle of Party Magic, eye-popping details after details simply made Eloise’s party extra dreamy and exceptional!

The fun begins with their darling little invites, something to get their guests in the mood for Eloise’s birthday bash.


All these awesome details send me flying over the moon! I love how Michelle transformed this function room to look like a bedroom. Details in white and pink were used to make Eloise’s party fun and girly.

ceilingdetails (2)details

Complete with bed, books and toys to the dainty dresser and window overlooking the night time cityscape. The stage alone looks amazing already! The guests definitely had a wonderful and dreamy time at the party.

stage (3)stagestageAstage (6)stageB

I love their table setups, its freaking fantastic! Having these tables to look like beds? Cuteness. These lovely tepee tents also added the extra kick to this gorgeous setup.

setupAsetup (3)

You don’t need to have your little kiddos spend the night over to have the perfect pajama party, just take a look at Eloise’s fun-filled party. From these thematic gamebooths, design your own kiddie stools activity to the book corner and the exciting story-telling numbers, I’m sure “sleeping” is far from their mind.

activityAgameboothsBgamebooth (2)gameboothsAgameboothIMG_4420details

♫ Sweet dreams are made of this ♪ (sorry, can’t help it. teehee). Adorable cake by the creative hubby-wifey team, The Bunny Baker made Eloise’s dessert spread extra special. I can see lots of breakfast inspired treats as well. Yum!

cakeAsweets (2)sweetssweetsAsweetsB

Eloise’s little guests also got to bring home fluffy towels and cute bolster.


Here’s the little sweetie with her mom and dad.

stage (2)family (3)

Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: St. Francis Shangrila Place Condominium Function Rooms
Event Styling: Party Magic
Caterer & Buffet Setup: Hearty Onion
Photography: Stephen Chiu (0917-5268988 / 0922-6442721 / stephen.n.chiu@gmail.com)
Cake & Cupcakes: The Bunny Baker
Dessert Table: Simply Paris Ph
Shortbread Giveaways: Shorts Gourmet Manila
Instagram Magnet Printing Giveaways: InstaPrint Manila / Hashtag Project
Arts & Crafts Table / Stool Painting: Crafts & Party Bucket
Library Corner & Storytelling Session: Read, Play & Create



  1. oh wow, another very creative and fun idea for party, i actually love the idea of pajama party, it means to me a lot of story telling kids love.

  2. Awww! Eloise is a unique name 🙂 What an interesting yet fun birthday party theme. I am sure that all the guests have full tummy before going to bed 🙂 The decorations are really clean and beautiful as well 🙂

  3. That’s a very, very unique and so lovely theme! I always ask myself after looking at the events you feature here, “how come these organizers weren’t around when my daughter turned 1?”

    I have to always come back in your site to discover more fancy and unique theme events. My daughter will turn 18 in 2 years time and we might just strike a great find here for what to do on her 18th birthday. The suppliers are listed in your post and so are the organizers. 2 checks on my list already!

  4. Very neat theme. I love the pastel colors too. I love these themed parties that you feature in your site. Li’l kids parties now are “bonggicious”

  5. Hi po, I want to know how can we rent the same place for the baptismal reception of my baby.
    We cannot contact the numbers posted in Shangrila Place’ site.
    Please help me po 🙂

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