Harvey’s Monopoly Themed Party – 1st Birthday

My sister and I grew up playing Monopoly game so you can just imagine my excitement the moment I saw Harvey’s SUPER-sized Monopoly themed party. Adding a dash of fun to the very popular Little Man themed party, this well-loved classic board game has its own brand of charm that makes it lovable to children of all ages. I suggest you STOP what you’re doing for a moment and keep on scrolling down before you pass GO because Jac of Dreamscapes made sure that Harvey’s party would make Mr. Monopoly very happy. Wonderfully captured by Twigs and Clouds, I’m going to roll the dice as we jump in to the incredible world of Harvopoly.

These miniature Harvopoly board games served as their invites and it even comes complete with dice! I’m sure this got their guests all pumped up to attend Harvey’s birthday bash.


While the black and white details with a hint of gold made Harvey’s party look so elegant, they made sure that these different Monopoly inspired elements amplify the FUN in the party.

entranceentranceAentrance (2)

To complete the whole Monopoly feel, top hats were used as embellishments at the ceiling while these trains and over-sized red houses adorned their tables.

ceiling (2)ceilingcenterpiece (2)centerpiece

Showcased at the stage area were these uber cute car plushies by Monsterella Plush Art (which also served as their giveaways), Harvey’s shiny red car and his amazing Monopoly cake.

stage (2)favorsdetails

I was browsing my newsfeed when I suddenly saw this amazing and HUGE Monopoly inspired cake made by the awesome (and cool) The Bunny Baker team. From Mr. Monopoly Man himself to the title deeds, chance cards, cash and different icons, they got the whole Monopoly concept in one AWE-inspiring cake!


Moving on to Harvey Street corner Marvin Gardens (aka Harvey’s dessert spread), the guests feasted on these yummm-o sweet treats. The title-deed/chance & community card-ish sugar cookies look so adorable!

dessertdessertAdessert (7)dessert (8)dessert (2)dessert (9)dessertB

They also got these Monopoly themed activities for guests to enjoy.

activity (2)activity (3)activity

Here’s the darling little man himself

family (2)

Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: Luxent Hotel
Event Stylist and Printables: Dreamscapes by Jac Lee-Hao
Photo Coverage: Twigs and Clouds and Little People Lifestyle Photography
Cake: The Bunny Baker
Sweet Treats: Honeybee Patisserie
Photobooth: Lucky Dog Studio
Giveaways: Monsterella Plush Art



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