Andi’s Wizard of Oz Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Are you ready to go somewhere over the rainbow? Yes? Then wear your cutest ruby-red slippers and click your heels three times as Andi’s enchanted party take us to Land of Oz. A book that just never get old, each page is filled with adventures, magic and friendship. Dorothy’s story brings out the little child in all of us making it so much more appealing whether in book, movie or as party theme. Styled by Monique Carlos of Little Matters, I still can’t get enough of her unconventional approach to styling parties. A wonderful combination of subtle and colorful details pretty much sums up Andi’s delightful fête. Inspired by the book, we can clearly see the connection but the added little twist here and there made Andi’s party as lovely as it gets. Let’s start our trip down the yellow brick road and let Andi’s first birthday bash show us a different take to this theme.

At the entrance, they gave out these cute tiaras and kooky glasses to kids.

entrance (2)entrance (3)entranceentrance (5)entrance (4)

In the story, the Wizard travels through the Land of Oz in a hot air balloon hence their ceiling treatment.


They kept their decorations light but still very much well-connected to theme.

stagedetailsdetails (2)

True to the colorful and whimsical feel of the story, check out these lovely table centerpieces. PS: How adorable are these plushies? The whole gang is present.

centerpiece (2)centerpiece

Andi’s cake is another story to be told. I just loooove the miniatures cake toppers, each and every one of them looks too stinkin’ cute! The rainbow-colored sweet treats are note-worthy, too.

cake (4)cake (2)cake (3)sweetssweets (2)

Fun-filled story-telling, shadow puppetry and magic show kept their guests well entertained.

entertainmentgames (2)games

These baskets served as their giveaways and no, Toto the dog is not included.


Here’s Andi looking all cute in her Dorothy-inspired getup.

family (2)familyfamily (3)

Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: Quezon City Sports Club
Event Stylist: Little Matters
Photographer: Sugarpuff Photography
Cake: French Kiss
Macarons: Mrs. Graham’s Bakery
Host/magic show/games: Wizzo
Story-telling/shadow puppet show: Teachers from Child Matters Preschool
Dolls (centerpieces): Ant’s Pocket


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