Trent’s Japanese Sushi Themed Party – 1st Birthday

The creative duo behind Luxe Parties does it again – another exceptional party under their belt. From the New York cityscape to Romantic Paris, this time they’ll bring us to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. With Japan’s beautiful scenery, rich culture and delectable food, one can never run out of inspirations from this wonderful country. To prove my point, here’s another take on a Japanese themed party: Sushi madness! Trent’s Japanese Sushi themed party got loads of fun (and may I also say yummy) details that makes this party amah-zing. Covered by talented Den of Den Llanos Lee Photography, every detail – big & small, were beautifully captured. I guess with Luxe Parties, they’ll take us around the world, one party at a time.

Kon’nichiwa! Taking cue from Japan’s National flag, decors in red and white adorned the venue. Oh and what about those cute sumo wrestlers? Pātī o kaishi! (Let’s begin the party!)


Everyone definitely had a great time in Trent’s celebration. Aside from the animal shows, I think these traditional Japanese inspired side activities look really fun and cute. One word: Japantastic! There’s the: Origami Station where guests have to write their names and get a chance to win a special prize. Decorate your own Japanese fan station wherein guests were encouraged to get creative. And my personal favorite, make your own necklace and keychain using these miniature polymer clay shaped in various Japanese snack! The pendants look oh-so-adorable!

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All these mouthwatering food looks divine! Oishii! (Delish!)

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Since not everyone is a big fan of raw fish, they’ve made it to a dessert sushi instead! Every piece of dessert looks so remarkable. At first glance, I thought they’re the real thing. Amazeballs!

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Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: Corinthians
Styling: Luxe Parties
Photography: Den Llanos Photography
Catering: Nomama
Cake: Sweet Success
Cupcakes: Nut so sweet
Desserts and coffee: Afters Espresso and Desserts
Side activities station: Luxe Parties
Polymer clay souvenirs & accessories: Provenance 1800 Designs and Crafts
Animal show: Dr. Bernardo


  1. It is indeed Japantastic! What great execution. Being a Japanese food lover, I especially like that even the foods served was well thought of to go with the theme. Well done!

  2. wow, i like the themed and how it’s so unique, kids can always love to learn different cultures and the family and birthday celebrant seems to be grateful…good decor too.

  3. I am so wowed with this concept! I love Jap foodies but having it as a birthday party themed is a totally different story. It felt like I was transported to Japan!

  4. Hello, do you cater Japanese food? May I request fo quotation and menu please? Aug 26. Lunch. Paranaque. Around 30-50 guests.

    Thank you!


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