Lexie’s Matryoshka Doll Themed Party -1st Birthday

If you’re thinking of other ways to add more color to your doll themed party then here’s something that might interest you – Matryoshka or the Russian Nesting Dolls. From the charming vintage paper dolls to the very dainty Kokeshi dolls, Matryosha dolls inject a different kind of whimsical feel and personality into the party. With its bold and bright appearance, I love how it instantly amp up the festivity of the whole event without loosing a single ounce of its girly-ness. A lovely mix of playfulness, creativity and lots of adorable details, Lexi’s Matryosha doll themed party will surely give us a hefty dose of inspiration.

Here’s a hint of what went on during the planning stage of Lexie’s par-tey straight from her gorgeous mom, Atty. Mika:

“Right from the start, Paolo and I were very hands on with the planning of the party. In general, we wanted a detailed party (pretty but not over the top/big production parties). It helped a lot that my sister, Nina Canoy (a party stylist and owner of “All in the Details”), threw a lot of ideas for the theme and she was the one who suggested the Matryoshka Dolls. Because I am meticulous about the details (due to the demands of my profession as a lawyer), it took us 6 months to plan and DIY a lot of details – stamped personalized tissue paper, personalized ice cream cups, handmade cloth lanterns, diy-ed invite envelopes, designing the printed katcha loot bags, etc. The setting up was a family affair as my “twin sisters” Jika and Nina helped out. We were so happy with the outcome and the best part was our guests appreciated our efforts.”

Check out Lexi’s cute party invites.

invitesinvites (2)

Matryosha dolls look whimsical, colorful and sweet and their dessert tablescape, that doubled as their stage backdrop, is all that and more. They also did a wonderful job enhancing the same attributes to the venue. PS: I loooove how they perfectly integrate the beautiful St. Basil’s cathedral miniature replica in their dessert tablescape.

stage (2)ceiling

Their table centerpieces sure look something else. It actually reminds me of a maypole sans the ribbons.

centerpieceAinvites (2)

Zooming in to Lexi’s dessert spread. From her delightful and super detailed Matryoshka doll inspired cake, the vibrancy was also extended to the other sweet offerings through their diy toppers. This is an easy way to make sure everything match the theme wonderfully.

cake (3)cake (4)cakeAsweets (3)sweets (6)sweetsA

More sweet treats via their candy buffet


They also prepared lots of fun activities for their guests. Check out their Matryosha Doll decorating corner.

activities (4)activitiesA

A cute Matryoshka doll towel, personalized coloring book and canvas bag served as Lexi’s party giveaways.

favors (3)favors (2)

And here’s darling little Lexi with her lovely family

family (3)family (2)

Vendor listing and References:

Venue: North Forbes Pavilion
Party Stylist (overall venue styling, giveaways, dessert buffet styling): All in the Details
Sweet Treats by: Niji Desserts (cupcakes) and Blue Torque (cakepops)
Caterer: Queensland Catering
Entertainment: Make Believe Productions
Photographer: Charles and Mitch Productions
Food Carts: Sweet Services (french fries and FIC ice cream) and Precious Party Food Cart
(corndogs, bbq, and Nachos)
Printer for canvas bags: Adamant Eve Design Studio


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