Breña’s Little Indian Pow Wow Party – 1st Birthday

It’s a pow wow day here in the blog as we channel our inner Pocahontas. Grab your cutest feather headband and put a little face paint on as we head over to Little Chief Breña’s first birthday bash. I can’t stop smiling while browsing through this set because it’s evident that aside from the a-wooo-some party details, their guests had so much fun. From their wacky poses, themed get-ups and endless participation, they surely made Bree’s party a notch higher when it comes to my fun-o-meter.

Sharing some behind the scene details with us here is Mommy Anika:

“Welcome to Bree’s Little Indian themed party!

From the hand-crafted head dresses, to the countless feather buntings swaying in the wind, this party event just invites everyone to let go, loosen up, play and let the child in us come out. Today, WE ARE ALL INDIANS!

We believe that a kid’s party doesn’t exactly have to be “just for the little ones”. It can also be an excuse and an opportunity for hard-working grown-ups to relax and have a carefree moment, and that is exactly what we aimed for in this event. Everyone was encouraged to show up in their Indian-themed outfits that would go perfectly with our custom-made head dresses and colorful face painting sticks.

Details include: Indian princess, feathers, teepees, dreamcatchers, twigs & logs, aztec prints, headdresses, face paints, wooden horses, triangle and feather buntings, bows and arrows.

It’s truly rewarding to see all the kids, family and guests leave with smiles, and not to mention, colorful paints on their faces!”


Instead of giving out party hats, they gave out these lovely handmade feather headbands and colorful face painting sticks for their guests to use to complete their Indian inspired outfits. Let me just say that this made Bree’s party 10x cooler.


Children’s parties doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right details to tie-in the theme to the venue, everything looks clean and uncomplicated which I think enhances the theme more. For Bree’s Indian pow wow party, these feather buntings did the trick perfectly.


Sticking to the earthy colors associated with this theme, they managed to inject a little girly fun into their table centerpieces with the help of these little Indian dolls, miniature teepees and an adorable letter “B” donning the same cute feather headband.

centerpieceAcenterpiece (2)

I love love love the over-all setup of Bree’s dessert tablescape. It has a wonderful balance of bright colors, fun patterns and of course, yummy treats. From Bree’s adorable birthday cake made by Felicity Patisserie, to those wafer cone teepees, feather cupcakes and mallows, I would also smile from ear to ear if I had all these in front of me.

cakecakeAsweets (11)sweetsAsweets (6)sweets (10)sweets (7)

This little teepee setup here complete with props that are well connected with this theme served as their photoop area. I also love how the pattern at the backdrop accentuated the whole thing.


They really made sure everything is well thought of and fits right into the theme. Just check out these burlap bags and Indian princess rag dolls that served as their party giveaways.

favorsAfavors (4)

Of all the parties I’ve featured, I think Bree’s tribe must be one of the happiest bunch of all. Their friends and family gamely pose as everyone proves to be in high spirits.

guests (9)guests (2)guests (12)guests (15)guests (16)guests (21)

Here’s little Breña looking all pretty in her Indian princess attire.

familyAfamily (9)family (8)

You may watch the video highlights here:

Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: Don Jose Heights clubhouse
Styling and props: Teepee Dreams 09173180220
Hand-crafted Indian Headdresses: Teepee Dreams
Birthday cake & Pastries: Felicity Patisserie
Cupcakes: Joyce D. Delos Reyes of Cuppycravings
Dessert bar set-up: Teepee Dreams
Food: Queensland Catering
Giveaways: Indian plush dolls from Mhyrtle Kids
Loot bags : Teepee Dreams
Photo & Video: Fuguwi Collective 09178830823

Celebrant’s outfit:
Moccassins: Mhyrtle Kids
Hand-crafted Headdress: Teepee Dreams


  1. This is probably one of my favorite themed parties that you’ve featured. I love that it is unique and not the typical cartoon character parties that happens every week all over the world. The setup and decor were done in great taste and not over the top. Congrats to the family and happy birthday to their little one!

  2. Yes!! this is such an awesome birthday themed. Almost all children are familiar with “10 Little Indians” nursery rhyme. They can relate much sa themed.

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