Rebecca’s Boho-Chic Owl Themed Party – 1st Birthday

We’ve seen this theme in every pastel color combination possible. It looks so soft, gentle and precious, right? Yes and I guess you’ve also seen it countless times by now. Today, Nette of My Little Attic Studio will show us the other side of owl parties that will definitely leave us starry-eyed. Making it extra fun and gorgeous, Rebecca’s Boho-Chic Owl party is what I call the “avant-garde” version of this well-loved theme. By injecting a more whimsical and fresh-er approach to its colors and patterns, Nette surprisingly added more charm and a delightful little twist to this stylish fête. If you appreciate all the creative, free-spirited, nature-loving topped with an ounce of artistic flair that conveys a true bohemian style, then this eye-candy is for you.

I love their gorgeous take on this theme because, in my humble opinion, everything looks far more refreshing and simply stunning. From the mismatched patterns, kooky graphics and warm color palette, I sure am glad that they’ve decided to veer away from the usual dainty-ness linked with this theme.

stagestage (2)

You know how much I adore detail-filled parties and Rebecca’s party did not disappoint me. Bringing together different natural elements, wonderful splash of colors and cute little details together created these undeniably inviting table setup.

centerpiece (3)centerpiece (4)centerpiece (5)centerpieceA

Having a wonderfully styled dessert tablescape, over-the-top gorgeous sweet treats plus tons of lovely details, it doesn’t get better than that! Everything about this dessert spread is really dazzling and delectable.

sweets (7)sweets (6)detailsBsweets (2)sweets (5)sweets (8)sweets (9)sweets (10)sweetsdetails (2)details (4)detailsA

What do you think of Rebecca’s cake? Ou-hoot-standing!


Rebecca’s giveaway cart is the complete treat. The cart was filled with various owl stuffed toys, chocolate crinkles & chocolate chip cookies, owl sugar cookies and cute note cards for the guests.

giveaways (3)giveaways (2)giveaways (4)giveaways (5)giveawaysgiveaways (7)

Vendor listing and supplier details:

Venue: Bellevue Hotel
Event Stylist: Nanette Madero of My Little Attic Studio (Table Centerpiece, Dessert Tablescape and Giveaways cart) and Jelly Bellies Party Experts (Stage and Ceiling Treatment)
Photographers: Caloy Llamas, Hiram Abanil and Benjie Banas (c/o Jelly Bellies)
Cake by: Malou Del Rosario
Sweet Treats by: Marta’s Cakes, Micha’s, Park Avenue Desserts and Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse
Entertainment, Host, Foodcarts, Light & Sounds by: Jelly Bellies Party Experts
Favors: Owl Plushies by Nanette Madero of My Little Attic Studio and Bird Cards by Isabela Madero

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