Lex, Grey and Ti’s Superheroes Themed Party – 5th Birthday

With capes, cakes and so much coolness, get ready for today’s action-packed party. From Batman to Superman, even the notorious Joker are all here to celebrate the Super Triplets’ birthday bash! Forget the party norms because here in Party Doll Manila, we embrace the extra-ordinary and by that we mean mind-blowing and epic parties. A party that shows us how a superheroes’ party should be done, the awesomeness level of this one is way, way, way on top. Making this trio’s crime-fighting fantasy to life is the fabulous team of Twinhouse Creatives and may I give them this virtual fist bump for making my day extra wonderful. Together with the triplets’ mom, their outside-the-box approach to this bash was nothing but pure fun! As evident to these photos by Stanley Ong Photography, every smile, every laughter and even the energy and excitement of these youngsters were wonderfully captured. Time is running out, we need all the superheroes to gather now and save the day!

Blam! Here’s where all the fun and action begins. I’m sure our little superheroes were all excited to enter their boot camp.

entrance (2)

When you get a bunch of five-year olds running around the venue, it’s always best to keep the decors simple. But toning it down doesn’t necessarily have to be boring, just check out these marvelous deets! Their adorable version of the cityscape is truly eye-popping.

main (4)mainmain (3)

Extending the playful vibe to their table setting, these miniature box buildings added a hefty dose of color to the setup. Oh, I also love how they ramp up the excitement by providing guests their own superhero get-up – masks and capes.

tabletable (2)table (9)tableA

Matching the awesomeness of the decors, trust it to Tazzy Cakes to make one supercharged cake for the triplets! Sticking to a cohesive color palette, the clean lines and fantastic details truly magnified the playful appeal of this theme. Kapow!

cake (4)cake (2)

Before all the crime-fighting-villain-butt-kicking, our junior superheroes got their very own box filled with gadgets and thingamajig! Better watch out bad guys, our little superheroes are seriously loaded with super powers and extreme cuteness.

favors (3)favors (4)favorsA

Oooohhh maaannn! These little dudes were in for a great time and I bet they wasted no time trying all these activities. Being a superhero is no easy fete, in fact, they are often required to do lots of training.

First up, obstacle relay! Testing their agility and strength is a serious business for our little superheroes and I’m sure everyone had fun while they’re at it. Coolness!

obstacle courseAobstacle course (10)obstacle course (8)obstacle course (7)obstacle course (6)obstacle course (4)obstacle course (1)activitiesactivities (13)activities (2)

Next, here’s the Lego puzzle room for their “quick wit” exercises. PS: There’s another terrific cityscape silhouette at the back.

lego puzzle room (5)lego puzzle room (4)

Uh-oh! Intruder alert! Intruder alert! This is where the car-chasing action scene took place. Hey Joker, you are so going down!

car chase (1)car chase (3)car chase (2)car chase (9)car chase (10)car chase (11)

Boom! More goodies for everyone.

fun (2)fun (1)

Vendor listing and reference:
Coordination, styling, lights and sound design: Twinhouse Creatives
Official Photogrpaher: Stanley Ong Photography
Cake: Tazzy Cakes
Videographer: Zoombox
Caterer: Cibo
Bouncy House: MLL Balloons



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