Carinne’s Marie Antoinette Themed Party – 1st Birthday

It’s no secret I love unique themed parties, and lately, I’ve been seeing lots of them! You might be wondering what sets them apart. Easy, they’re all highly embellished! The key to a gorgeous party is all in the details and Carinne’s Marie Antoinette themed party is worthy of royalty! From the invites to the decorations, not to mention Carinne’s flambouyant dessert tablescapes, everything and I mean EVERYTHING was executed meticulously by Event Stylist Extraordinaire Barbie Pardo. Having her style a party with a theme as exciting as Carinne’s, I’m pretty sure it gives her a time to play – to cut loose and get overly creative! A couple of steps beyond the very popular shabby chic look, this is one spectacular birthday bash at its finest. Covered by Stanley Ong, we’re so lucky to see every awesome party detail as if we were physically present at the party.

An invites set the whole tone of an event and with Carinne’s 3d cake invitation, I’m guessing all the guests were excited to attend the party. Under Barbie’s amazing vision, Paper Garland Design Kids sure did a wonderful job! Carrine’s invites is one of a kind. I am very much in love with it!


With a decadent theme like this, a Marie Antoinette themed celebration should have over the top decorations – immensely dramatic and extravagant. For a starter she’s the epitome of elegance, style and beauty and Carinne’s party is all that plus more! Dedicated to Marie Antoinette famous hair accessory, feathers were used as part of the centerpieces.

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“Let them eat cake”. And oreo pops, cupcakes, popcakes, cookies and macarons too! Well, if the cake is as pretty and delish as Carinne’s cake, I’d be happy to! Created by Joanna of Cuppy Puppy Bakeshop, Carinne’s dessert tablescapes is heavenly, everything were perfectly crafted and looks so luxurious. A royal elegance if I may add, Marie Antoinette herself, will be ecstatic.

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If you think Carinne’s guests will get bored from all the “feminine” vibes of the party, think again because they sure were in for a royal treat! Fun entertainment by My Masterpiece Movement coupled with loads of personalized souvenir booths and yummy food/drink carts, everyone will have a fantabulous time at the party.

entrancesouvenirdetail (3)souvenir (2)souvenir (4)entertainmentcart

These vintage suitcases were the perfect souvenirs for their little guests. So adorable!


Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: Wack Wack Country Club
Stylist: Barbie Pardo (
Invites: Paper Garland Design Kids
Party Printables: Ink and Scissors
Sweet Treats: Cuppy Puppy Bakeshop
Program: My Masterpiece Movement
Photo Coverage: Stanley Ong Photography
Photobooth: Blow-up Events
Instagram photobooth: Printsocial (#carinnesfirst)
Personalized Smartphone Cases: Instacase
Kiddie Salon: Pink Box
Favors: Handicrafts Atbp.


  1. Filipinos are very creative and this is a great example. The party stylist have to be very creative and meticulous with each of the details in order to come up with all these colorful and beautiful work of art.
    If your in Phnom penh cambodia business like this will sell like hotcakes especially with all the western theme. Customers mostly are the expat communities and filthy rich high ranking cambodians officials who really have money. They have huge parties here and they spend thousands of dollars on fresh flowers.
    This is just one of simple example wedding theme next to my house last year .

  2. i have never seen a birthday party as lavish and posh as this before. the team who made the themed party possible did a great job in putting everything together. i bet all the kids had a whale of a time.

  3. Wow! Such a grand party for a one year old! Hmmm… makes me wonder how the 7th and 18th birthday party would look like? I love the theme, all in soft pastel colors and with lots of activities to keep the kids engaged.

  4. Wow! Carinne has a very beautiful and extra ordinary first birthday. I love her birthday party theme. i cannot imagine when she turns 18 years old 🙂 What a lucky girl Carinne is. Happy 1st birthday precious 🙂

  5. the girly colors + the dainty decor + designs made this look more like a debutante’s ball instead of a 1st birthday swarey. I think i will also fall in love with the cake-themed invite, as well as the party souvenir!

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