Nutmeg’s Kitchen Themed Party – 1st Birthday

My, my, my, what do we have here? Another adorable party, of course! With a theme that will definitely make you smile wider, the gorgeous amount of details they showered in this party is simply breath-taking. I’m all for matchy-matchy details and I just love how Nutmeg’s party hit every mark wonderfully. From the invites, decors and activities, every inch of this party makes my heart flutter with delight. I know that there are million (ok, thousand) little details that go into planning a party and when the party turns out to be as fabulous as Nutmeg’s, I’m sure it’s worth every sweat and tears. Styled by the creative team of Tiffany Co of Parties Inc. and beautifully captured by JHG Photography, every photo reminds me of the very reason why I enjoy looking at these charming parties so much!

How to give a stunning first impression? Adorable invites. The apron invites to Nutmeg’s party is cuter than cute!


Stretching the cuteness to the entrance area, a blown-up image of the invitation was used to welcome the guests to the party.


Paper lanterns and pompoms were used to spruce up the ceiling to give the venue a more festive feel.


Bringing the whole kitchen-vibe to the party – only prettier and minus the mess, they made sure they got everything right down to the smallest detail. The whole installation was absolutely spot on in my book!

stagestage details (3)stage details (2)stage details (1)stage (2)

With recipes, playtime veggies, some greens and Nutmeg’s cute mini chalkboard labels, there’s so much to love about their table setting.

table (2)table (4)table (5)table

Nutmeg’s gigantic cake is epic! Every detail was done to perfection and it couldn’t have gotten any better than this. From those adorable icing sugar girls to those intricate fondant toppers, this really is over the top craziness!

cakecake (6)cake (5)cake (4)cake (3)cake  (2)cake  (1)

There were also different activities to keep Nutmeg’s special guests busy all through-out the party. From Ant’s Pockets “Design you own apron” station, they also got photobooth and several game booths. I’m sure everyone had a blast at the party.

activity (4)activity (1)activity (2)activity (3)gamebooth (2)gamebooth (3)gameboothphotobooth

Check out Nutmeg’s giveaways! Using these “paper bags with themed receipt” as goodie bags, it also comes complete with Nutmeg money/currency. It’s such a fun idea! They also gave out those wooden spoons to match with the theme.

favorsfavors (3)favors (1)

Here’s the little cutie, Nutmeg.

familyfamily (4)

Vendor listing and reference:
Event stylist: Parties, Inc /Tiffany Co
Photographer: Joel H. Garcia and Ma-anne Roque Garcia(JHG Photography)
Apron Painting: Ant’s Pocket
Cake: Angelyn’s Cakes
Caterer: Creamery

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