Amanda’s Little Red Riding Hood Themed Party – 5th Birthday

“Amanda Dear, what lovely party you have?”

Little Red Riding Hood was an instant classic in its time – and that little girl in red cloak is still much loved today. While this story is always being taken in many directions, the basic elements from the original still apply – just like how they were creatively tied and packed into this party feature I have for you! Ready? Like any great story, let’s begin with once upon a time…

For Amanda’s big day, Little Red Riding Hood was a natural choice for Mommy Jaz of Sweet Nest Candy Buffet because this story has a ton of unique elements that can be incorporated into any celebration and probably by coincidence, her little one goes by the name of the actress who starred the 2011 movie, Red Riding Hood. How cool is that? Mommy Jaz took the celebration outside, made use of the warm day, and drew inspiration from nature. The woodsy setting made guests forget about the real world for a while and the rustic and enchanting props let them recall the fun of their childhood. The color palette was kept simple with reds and little accents of whites, browns, and greens. The whole scene was whimsical with a touch of storybook cuteness! Check out all the great snaps captured by Little J Photography and make your own Little Red Riding Hood party the talk of the woods with these inspirations!

Mommy Jaz mixed and matched different materials to the outdoor dining. The wood stepped in as a table paired with casual chairs in white. They were set on green patio rugs to complement the trees and create a lush ambiance. The floral arrangements with pretty fruit details gave the table raw beauty and contributed to the rustic aesthetic. For an easy finished look, red gingham runners were laid across the table. The checkered patterns on the tableware also intensified the cottage style. And since this is a Little Red Riding Hood party, red hooded capes were also readied on the dining!

table (5)table (2)tableA

I love the cake – yum! With top decorations – sitting Little Red Riding Hood, her picnic basket, and plenty of toadstools – which all looked authentic, this cake seemed a part of the storybook!


The backdrop, tables, chairs, and flowers are not only decorative – in the best hands, they were transformed into beautiful accents in this sweet station! The scene perfectly depicted the heart of the woodland – dark yet magical. The woodsy backdrop, tree stumps, and distressed furniture were unexpectedly attractive! The reds in selected pieces brought a fresh element to the space. I love how the toadstools gave the effect of attracting pixies! The dessert spread was equally appealing which included candies, wafer sticks, donuts, meringue, cupcakes with 3D toppers, and decorated cookies.

sweetssweetsAsweets (6)sweets (4)sweets (3)

The kids were enchanted by a storybook play! Little Red Riding Hood was portrayed by no other than the birthday girl – complete with costume, accessories, and props. There was also the playful wolf chasing our Little Amanda! Yeah! She is no match to our little heroine!

show (1)show (2)show (3)

The little attendees skipped their way out of the woods with these baskets filled with plush goodies.

favorsfavors (2)

Amanda had a good time posing with her pixie friends to create moments that will last forever!


Life for Amanda is bliss and can’t get much sweeter than with her family – aww!


Vendor listing and references:
Event stylist: Sweet Nest Candy Buffet
Photo: Little J Photography
Cake: Sweet Creations by Mums
Souvenirs: Ant’s Pocket

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