Mattina’s Little Red Riding Hood Themed Party – 1st Birthday

I was ecstatic when I first saw photos of Mattina’s party from Ant’s pocket. I knew right then and there that I have to do a feature on her party because the details were so lovely. To be honest, Little Red Riding hood + Woodland and friends is one of my all-time favorite party themes because it’s whimsical and classic. I would like to thank Mommy Monique for sharing these wonderful photos with me! Ohh…this party was Mommy Monique’s 1st styling gig, she  now opens her doors for more event styling through Little Matters!

Here’s what Mommy Monique has to say about planning this fab party for her daughter’s 1st birthday:

“We’ve always loved celebrating occasions and definitely, Mattina’s first birthday is more special than others. Like our wedding, we wanted guests to feel important as they attended our event. We wanted them to feel that every little detail was thought of and that we have them in mind while we were planning. We wanted the celebration to be joyous, relaxing and very personal… very telling of who we are as a family. =) We wanted them to look forward to the party and have lasting memories of it. We handmade a lot of the elements on this party such as the invites, centerpieces, buntings, water bottles and placemats. We feel it makes the guests feel they are worth the effort and time that we put into it. For the program, as I am a preschool teacher, I did not want the usual magic show and games. I wanted it to have a preschool feel and so I tailor fit the games and even made an AVP presentation to teach the kids about taking care of the environment. We had storytelling, shadow puppetry, arts and crafts, repotting of plants and design your own ecobag booth. We also filled baskets with books, a drawing pad and a paper mache animal so that the kids can write or draw on with chalk as their take home gift so that the learning continues even when they leave the party. A lot of little details went into the party for both the kids and adults that we invited =)”

They used lots of browns, greens and reds on their party elements for more forest-y feel.

venue entrancevenue backdropvenue ceiling

I love their centerpieces! The miniature Little Red Riding hood and forest friends are so adorable! They even made a themed placemat to match.

centerpieceAcenterpieceBcenterpiece (5)centerpiece

There were no dull moments in Mattina’s party. Mommy Monique prepared lots of fun games and activities for the kids to enjoy. I think the story telling with shadow puppetry was really cool!

activity (3)giveawaysBactivity (10)activity (4)activity story telling

Some fun facts about Little Mattina.

fun facts

Their enchanting forest treats (dessert spread). Mattina’s Little Red Riding Hood themed cake and cupcake is so cute and so is the Forest Friends themed sugar cookies!

dessert (3)dessert (2)dessert4

Their favor baskets got loads of fun educational stuff inside.


The adults surely enjoyed the party too!

photo op Aguests

Congratulations Daddy Rusky and Mommy Monique, great party! I wish you all the best on your new endeavor, Mommy Monique. I’m sure I’ll be seeing lots of gorgeous parties from you soon.

family pic

You may watch Mattina’s party highlights here:

Vendor details and references:

Venue- South Hall, Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse
Caterer: Queensland Catering (02-826 7791)
Photo Coverage: Mike and Mai Photography
Video Coverage: Jepster Togle Films (02- 8813263)
Party Host and Shadow Puppet Show: Make Believe Productions (02- 7295899)
Birthday Cake, Cookies and Candy Apples: Kink Cakes Bakeshop (02-3724466)
Cupcakes: Topcakes (02-4119082)
Macarons: Mrs. Graham’s Bakery
Ceiling Treatment (balloons, swags and pompoms): Party Station (0918- 9286185)
Helium Balloons: Yan-Ple’s Party Shop (0928. 5211028)
Storytelling: Adarna House
Invites, Personalized Water Bottles, Placemats: Little Matters by Monique Carlos (0917 5524453)
Styling and Decor: Little Matters by Monique Carlos (0917 5524453)
Lootbags: Little Matters by Monique Carlos (0917 5524453)
Design an Ecobag, Plant a Tree and Arts and Crafts Activity: Monique Carlos (0917 5524453)
Little Red Riding Hood and Forest Friends details: Ant’s Pockets


  1. Awe! I am so jealous. LOL! What a great party and I love the theme a lot. My little girl dressed up as little Red Riding Hood this year for her big brother’s school party. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Adorable and so fun!

  2. oh my gawdddd all these darlings you are posting are really lucky to have such pretty bday parties. Parang mas magarang pa sila kesa 18th bday.

    the cake is really charming.

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