Annika’s Rainbow Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Let’s start our week with some good vibes and have something to brighten up our Monday morning! Here is Annika’s Rainbow themed party. Alma of Pink Tie Party Management and Events lab Ink used lots of bright and cheerful hues that made Annika’s party so color-rific!

There are lots of parties that use one or two “color” themes, there’s blue/brown, pink/lavender or mint/gold to name a few. Why choose a color or two when you can use more – throw a Rainbow Themed Party! It’s gender neutral, easy to do and undeniably cheerful.

Welcome to Annika’s birthday bash! I love their gorgeous entrance set-up: simple and fun. These colorful streamers and balloons sure brought this theme to life.

rainbow themed party entrance
rainbow themed party ceiling

The stage was decorated with these huge “Annika” letter standee and her cake table. Of course, no rainbow party will be complete without a rainbow cake.

rainbow themed party stagerainbow themed party stagerainbow themed party cakerainbow themed party cakerainbow themed party cake

They say there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well, I don’t know about that, but in Annika’s party, every table has chocolate gold coins. These miniature ribbon streamers look adorable; it’s so easy to do and sure made a huge impact! They also have different framed quotes about rainbow as part of their table centerpieces.

rainbow themed party centerpiecerainbow themed party centerpiecerainbow themed party centerpiece

Annika’s candy buffet is bursting with colorful treats! From the rainbow table cloth to the yummy candies, every kid will definitely love this. I’m glad they included these healthy rainbow fruit skewers.

rainbow themed party sweetsrainbow themed party sweetsrainbow themed party sweetsrainbow themed party sweetsrainbow themed party sweets

Here are some fun and colorful activities to keep the kids busy. Coloring, Glitter tattoo and Face painting galore!

rainbow themed party activityrainbow themed party activityrainbow themed party activity

Vendor Reference and listing:

Venue: Urdaneta Village Clubhouse
Event Styling and Coordination: Alma Santos – Reynos of Pink Tie Party Management and Events Lab Ink
Photo and Video Coverage: Shutter Count
Cupcake: Swell Sweets Confections
Food Carts: Starbucks and Master Siomai
Host (Calvin) and Dirty Ice Cream – Party Network
Fruit Skewers and Party Favors – Mommy Erika

“After the storm passes comes the RAINBOW” – The Filipino Spirit is waterproof! #YolandaPH


  1. I haven’t seen a kid’s birthday party like that here in the US….well, I’ve been to a lot..and they’re just simple…:)

    love all the decors!

  2. It looks like a lovely setup but I think the rainbow cake was overshadowed by the decors. Placed in front of a less colorful and visually cluttered background, it could have stood out more. 🙂

  3. What a fun set-up! I love themed parties, especially if it’s age appropriate. I think children’s parties are the best themed party. It’s always fun and colorful.

  4. Where did you actually get the cake done? I’m looking for a rainbow cake and I cannot find it anywhere in bakeshops. I also have a friend looking for someone who makes customized cakes.

  5. First, Annika is a very pretty and unique name 🙂 Second, rainbow theme party really rocks. I am sure that precious Annika is having the best first birthday ever. What a lucky girl celebrant she is 🙂

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