Kinsley’s Japanese Kokeshi Doll Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Konichiwa! I’m thrilled to share with you this adorable Japanese Kokeshi doll themed party. Special thanks to Intan Hermanus of Dreamflavours Celebrations for sharing with me Kinsley’s party all the way from Jakarta Utara, Indonesia.

Kokeshi dolls originated from Northern Japan. The traditional dolls are handmade from wood, they have overly large heads and don’t have arms & legs. Their bodies are painted with flowers in red, black and sometimes yellow. Read more about the theme here.

For Kinsley’s party, they chose this cute theme because of the resemblance between the doll’s facial feature with Kinsley and the family loves Japanese details.

I love how they made cherry blossom trees out of balloons!

entrance (3)

Their backdrop and photo op area are gorgeous. Amazing details!

a featured photobackdropphoto op (3)

Some of the traditional Japanese elements used in their centerpieces include origami cranes, paper kokeshi dolls, floral fans and small umbrellas. Even the chopstick paper covers are floral as well.

ceilingcenterpiece (2)centerpiece (8)centerpiece (9)centerpiece (13)

I adore their dessert spread! From the sushi inspired cakepops to the maki cakebites, and just about every other detail they added. Itadakimasu!

dessert (9)dessert (2)dessert (3)dessert (5)dessert (14)dessert (16)dessert milkdessert puddingdessert sushi cake popdessertA

Lootbags designed with cute kokeshi girl and boy doll. I love how their giveaway favors matched perfectly with their theme.

favors (3)

Party Details:
• Celebrant’s Name : Kinsley
• Name of the Parents: Albert and Rosiana
• Venue: Four Seasons Hotel
• Date 17 August 2013

Vendor Details:
• Business Name: Dreamflavours Celebrations 
• Contact Number: 0811103888
• Address: Jln. Kelapa Nias PA3 no.2 Kelapa Gading. Jakarta Utara, Indonesia


  1. Besides the fact that it’s a rather original party idea i must say it really fills me with happiness seeing all that cute miniature world. Are the future themed birthday parties going to grow in size just like your kid will get taller and taller?

  2. I love the art of this party i remember when my mommy bake a cap cake for my causin and i’m the who make a small greetings flag on the top 🙂

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