Sophie’s Pink Carnival Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Who said that carnival themed parties have to be in the traditional colors of red, white, blue and yellow? Special thanks to Alma of Pink Tie Party Management and Events Lab Ink for sharing with me her girly take on the popular carnival themed party. Step right up to Sophie’s Pretty in Pink Carnival Themed Party! This gorgeous setup in pastel combination is so girly and sweet!


The vintage elements in their cake stand are so cute! I love the painted light bulbs hanging on top of the stand.


A closer look


These personalized popcorn boxes makes nice centerpieces.


More fun carnival details! No carnival themed party would be complete without games, check out their prizes. These cute kiddie stools serves as their giveaways.


Vendor Details and References:
Styling, invites and other printables – Pink Tie Prints
Cake – Swell Sweets
Photo Coverage – Lacto Photo
Standee and Kiddie Stool – Handicrafts Atbp.


  1. Wow!!! cute! cute! makes me want to set up a party. your post is an inspiration. Will definitley pin the fondant cake. sari sari store inspired awesome!

  2. the colors are indeed pretty and the setup is so cute. i think if played out well, this could be great for a girl say celebrating her 8 or 16th birthday, why not? 🙂

  3. It’s magnificent to see that one does not necessarily have to tap into commercialised characters in order to create a wonderful birthday party theme! The little bottle of Coke adds a rustic, nostalgic touch too!

  4. Nice place and set up! May I know where was the venue for this party?

    I’m actually planning the 1st birthday of my son for Feb 2015. And your posts has been my go-to for ideas and inspiration, but I can’t find anything about How to Train your Dragon theme. Hahaha weird theme, I know, but my baby likes it and he’s not scared. =) I hope I can find the right venue and suppliers for my Caleb’s party.

    Keep on inspiring others with your posts =D Thanks!

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