Eliya’s Ice Cream Themed Party – 4th Birthday

I love ice cream especially on a hot summer day, or rather all year round (oops) – and I know I’m not the only one! Even with Christmas décors starting to pile in stores and the glory days of summer has become a far distant memory, we still can’t get enough ice cream. So whether you’re planning a birthday celebration or just want to invite friends over on a lazy day, a gathering starring everyone’s favorite frozen dessert is sure to please and satisfy the biggest sweet tooth!

Eliya and her guests had a heck of an awesome time on her big day tucking into delightful cups of ice cream! Being the cream of the crop, Party Magic got the scoop on scoops! The team styled up the setting to look like one stylish ice creamery. The color palette inspired by rainbow sherbet was a big draw, and the ice cream elements from the décors to the spread had the kids begging for more. What a refreshingly sweet bash! And oh did I mention about the cake? Perhaps this is my sweet tooth talking – but gosh that treat is a feast for the taste buds! Take a cue from all the delish details of this bash photographed by Happy Folks Studio and let summer last the whole year round with an ice cream bonanza! Happy churning!

The gorgeous Ice Cream Shoppe pulled double duty as foyer furnishing and photo op area. The playful colors appealed to the child in everyone. Party Magic gave the shop a retro vintage vibe – with an old fashioned menu, cozy fairground lights, and a bicycle gussied up with tulle pompoms. The honeycomb balls arranged en masse were also very pretty decorations! The shop was stocked with ice cream toppings such as mallows, wafer sticks, white chocolates, just to name a few, which helped guests to capture the perfect photograph while they were making their own ice cream creations to devour.

entrance (3)entranceAentranceBentranceC

Family and friends chalked their birthday messages up for Eliya – time for DIY love! The area was adorned with hanging honeycomb streamers and lanterns to create a fantasy setting.


You will love this one for sure! Instead of having only an attraction, the stage offered two – and they were equally charming! One side was studded with gigantic ice cream standees which featured a bowl and a delicious waffle cone with scoops of ice cream topped with a cherry. Aback of these elements was a pink backdrop with Eliya’s name fancied in lights. When you move yourself from one side to the other, scoops of happiness plus the magic feeling of a quaint ice cream parlor are waiting for you. Oh dear, cravings are kicking in! Oh and by the way, that fairy light garland adorned with cupcake liners is pretty genius! Wink!

stage (4)stageAstage (8)stage (6)

This is where all the fun and festivities took place. The setting was awash in glowing pinks, lavenders, and greens. The sleek and classy chiavari chairs also added just the right touch of glamour. This dining room will whet your appetite for whimsy!


The muted drapes coupled with the gothic style of chandeliers were a stylish way to top off your space. To complement the kiddie theme, paper lanterns were perfect additions! I adore these ornaments as they don’t need to have lights in them to show an instant feel of festivity – but making just the right choice of colors can delightfully elevate the ambiance of your space. Teehee! And they are versatile too! Look at those hanging ice creams crafted with paper lanterns! They were pure beauty!


With pink and lavender linens, warmth and intimacy was spread in the tablescape. My favorite touch is the personalized centerpiece plate with stylized doodles of some types of ice cream. Layering the beautiful accents – ice cream cone playset and DIY ice cream cones with puffy scoops – on the black dish kept things clean and the elements really stood out.

tableAtable (4)

This treat from Tazzy Cakes is a real deal gravity-defying cake! The bottom was charming in rainbow sherbet layers and decorated with sprinkles to delight eaters. Atop was the most delicious illusion I’ve ever seen – a regal mug with the perfect chocolate ganache pouring into a huge cup filled with frosting and fondant fruits and scoops of ice cream! And how cool is that dripping effect? Guaranteed to get oohs and aahs at your celebration!

cake (2)cake (3)

Everything old is new again in this sweet station. The rustic backdrop, dresser, and cabinet were charmingly repurposed for the display and never looked so cool with paper medallions, tassels, and ribbons! Included in the spread were ice cream and sweet treats beyond the cone – ice cream cone cake pops, parfaits, macarons, cookies, cake push pops, and Kyoto candies in jars. I adore the sundae cupcakes! Creative treats like this will certainly have the kids coming back for seconds!

sweet treats (1)sweet treats (3)sweet treats (8)sweet treats (9)sweet treats (11)sweetDsweetsAsweet treats (20)sweet treats (13)sweetsB

Fun was amped up with games, stunts, tricks, and a puppet show. Eliya also delighted the crowd with such a lovely voice! How’s that for a happy thought? A hardy applause for you darling!

show (5)show (1)show (19)show (16)show (18)

Aw, such a cutesy little lady! I know Eliya truly enjoyed marveling at – not to mention eating – all of these wonderful treats!

family (3)

And this is the cherry on top – sweet kisses from mommy and daddy!

family (8)

Vendor listing and reference:
Event Stylist: Party Magic
Photo Coverage: Happy Folks Studio
Cake: Tazzy Cakes
Dessert: Simply Paris PH

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