Lexi’s Spring Picnic Themed Party – 1st Birthday

We don’t get to experience springtime here in the Philippines – very unfortunate, I know. But based on what we see in movies and television shows, a lot of flowering plants bloom that time of year. The season is seen as a time of growth and of new life being born. No wonder first-time parents often opt for a themed party that is as sweet as spring.

Lexi’s first birthday bash took her guests to a secret garden where playful picnic atmosphere and springtime were both sensed. The fresh decoration and dessert table ideas by Sweet Nest Candy Buffet were lovely in pink, blue, and green. Derrick Lim (Photographer) and Ford Cabrera (Videographer) captured the moments so we can take a peek. Let’s all take a walk down memory lane!

The entrance looked sweet and rustic. It reminds me of the hidden doors in fantasies which surprisingly lead you to a whole new world. The hanging vines and strewn leaves on the floor added a warm-weather feel as you make your way inside. The use of polka-dotted balloons is a great idea to make the setting classic and whimsical at the same time.

entrance (1)entrance (3)

A grass rug was sprawled in one portion of the room. To complete the outdoor feel, a green wall panel was built and a few box hedging plants were set up. The paper flowers and the LEXI 3-D letters were added for an extra touch of posh style.

stage (2)

In another portion of the room, a photo gallery was set up. Family and friends who wish to have little glimpses of Lexi’s milestones surely enjoyed this beautiful treat. I’m also a huge fan of this party idea so it might help those parents out there who are looking for some of the most stylish ways to jump on this trend. Going back to Lexi’s photo gallery, I love everything about it – the framed photographs, wooden backdrop, tiny white buds, clothes, toys, and books. I especially love the fabulous maigasa hanging from the ceiling because of the sense of freshness it brings.

gallery (1)gallery (4)gallery (8)gallery (12)gallery (13)

There is nothing like having a beautiful table set just for the tots to enjoy. Lexi’s little friends had these tables to sit where crafts and snacks were served during the party activities. The tables were covered with pink or blue cloth and a grass table runner with cute centerpieces.

kiddie table (2)

The dining table held a grass table runner and a centerpiece featuring a framed family photo, L 3-D letter, small watering can, and finished it off with pinwheels and a bunch of flowers. The table napkin was also adorned with a tiny sunflower which reminds me of warmer days – fun!

table (1)table (4)

For Lexi’s cake, it’s the gorgeous color palette of pink, blue, and yellow that really speaks to me. Look at those details – the ruffled buttercream, fondant letter L, and fondant flowers!

cake (5)

I love the colorful sweet station! The dessert table grabs attention with a wooden backdrop and hanging blooms. I also love the illusion of pink buds on the table – no doubt they are pretty! To give the table even more texture and color, it was set with tree stumps, shrubs, and lovely floral arrangement. The table has gobs and gobs of sweet treats! Find chocolate cupcakes, strawberry pretzels, biscuits, mallows, cookies, macarons, caramel popcorn, and assorted candies. The tower of colorful meringue is my favorite! They are the perfect pop of life to the table.

sweets (8)sweetsAsweets (2)sweets (3)sweetsB

Vendor listing and reference:

Event Coordination and Styling: Sweet Nest Candy Buffet
Photographer: Derrick Lim
Videographer: Ford Cabrera
Ententainment: Alex Lagula and The Golden Show


  1. May we ask where is the venue? Can you give me an idea for a 7th birthday package. Also, do you have suggested venue in Sta. Rosa Laguna?

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