Daniella’s Pottery Barn Inspired Sweet Shoppe Party – 1st Birthday

Here’s a party that gives me a reason to smile from ear to ear. With its larger than life décor, what more could I ask for? Pottery Barn is an American-based furniture store that offers deluxe home décors and furnishings. Tons of ideas and inspirations can be found in their “vintage with a modern twist” designs that even as a party theme, its elegance and chicness is quite evident. For Daniella’s first birthday bash, Desiree wanted a theme that is fresh and out of the box without losing the girly feel. Since she’s in the process of renovating her daughter’s bedroom, the idea of having a Pottery Barn inspired Sweet Shoppe party occurred to her. Together with Rochelle of Sanfo Treats, you’ve got to see their amazing interpretation of this unique theme.

A combination of shabby chic, candy shoppe and little lamb details brought this theme to life.

invitesentrance (2)ceilingvenuestagetabledetails

W-O-W! I haven’t seen a centerpiece as massive as Daniella’s. I mean, just look how elaborate these are. There’s the cute little lamb reading, fishing, selling lemonade and taking a nap! This put the AWE in awesomeness.

centerpiece (8)centerpiece (3)centerpiece (7)centerpiece (6)centerpiece

Various booths were set up to keep the festive mood in full swing. There’s the arts and crafts area, snack carts and different entertainment to name a few. I’m sure everyone had a blaaaast.

activity (2)activity (4)activity (5)activityAcart (2)cartBcartAprizes

These lovely embroidered fleece blankets served as Daniella’s giveaways.


The desserts in Daniella’s Sweet Shoppe look fantastic. From the candy bar to the dessert spread, Sanfo Treats sure hit my soft spot.

sweets (4)sweets (5)sweets (6)sweets (11)sweets (12)sweetsfamily (2)

Daniella’s cake is something else! This 3 tier gorgeous cake was showcased in this fabulously styled Pottery barn inspired nursery room area. The rocking horse, white bench and fire-place replica made it look so homey and cozy.

cake (2)cake

Vendor listing and reference:

Event Styling: Sanfo Treats
Photography: Luxe Photography
Video: Ford Cabrera Videography
Catering: Verleo Catering



  1. What a pretty name for a pretty baby girl I love her birthday theme, so girly and so beautiful. I always love the classic look. It is simple yet it is breathe taking 🙂

  2. What can I say? Your every post is just stunning. Very organized with lots of activities that the children can engage in. Love your page!

  3. I love the name daniella…
    oh by the way, congrats! i saw this blog on ABS-CBN news..
    as always I love the party that being featured here. keep it up!

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