Calvin’s Calvin and Hobbes Themed Party – 1st Birthday

From time to time, I stumble across parties that are quite interesting. This is one of them, a party full of amazing and sweet details that I can’t help not share. Today’s party will bring us to the adventurous world of this lovable comic strip – Calvin and Hobbes (read more here ). Judging by the name of the birthday boy, this theme suits his party perfectly well. (To which I guess, also came to the mind of his parents.) Calvin and Hobbes themed party sounds like a terrific theme for every little boy who exudes a dash of boyish charm complete with mischievous, fun and quirky persona.

Sharing my passion for “challenging” theme is Jaz of Sweet Nest Candy Buffet. I’m glad she took this theme head-on and was able to execute it well, too. Here are some cool details in Calvin’s party captured by Joshua De Guzman of Little J Photography.

In reference to Calvin’s striped shirt and his tiger stuffed toy – Hobbes, lots of red and orange color were used for the decorations.

entranceentrance (2)ceiling

I love how the wooden elements used at the backdrop balanced out their very vibrant color scheme.


A miniature version of Calvin and Hobbes with their red wagon was used as embellishment in their tables. In case you’re wondering what’s with the newspaper hat, it’s what Calvin and Hobbes wear in their G.R.O.S.S club (get rid of slimy girls club) while the collage photo of baby Calvin was inspired by “Calvin’s Funny Face portrait”. Here’s a fun and cute tip for your next C&H party: ask your guests to recreate their own version of Calvin’s montage. You can download it here.

centerpiece (4)centerpiece (3)centerpiece (2)

Aside from the fun show and games hosted by Apollo, guests also got to play with these exciting game booths.

games (2)gamesgames (5)gameboothBgameboothAgamebooth (4)gamebooth (5)

…and here’s Calvin’s cutey cake with matching sweet treats spread.

cakeAsweets (9)sweets (8)sweets (7)sweets (4)sweets (6)

Care for some drinks? Yes, please!

drink stationdrink station (2)

Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse
Full Event Styling and Candy Buffet: Sweet Nest Candy Buffet
Photo Coverage: Joshua De Guzman of Little J Photography
Magnetic Photo: Party Treasures Photobooth
Cake: The Cake Shack
Host: Apollo
Red Wagon(Centerpiece/Stage): Handicrafts Atbp.


  1. I like how they incorporate native materials in this theme. Not only that Calvin and Hobbes are cool characters but this theme is a fusion of East and West because of the materials they used.

  2. another very lively and engaging decor that sure draws everyone in. i love the colors and everything seems just joyful, just every party should be.

  3. The decorations are awesome. What I liked most are the games that the children can participate in. Even the tokens were re-wrapped in special paper with the celebrant’s name. Very creative and colorful. Love it!

  4. I love that you chose to have his collage photos to be one of the centerpieces 🙂 Cute! Nice din pala yung orange-themed party 🙂 Usually kasi, it’s pastel colors.

  5. Was hoping to look at these pictures for inspiration for my sons 1st birthday party but i can’t get them to load?

    • Hello! Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. We made the necessary changes already and all photos should be loading properly now. Stay safe!

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