Liam’s Camping Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Hello Summer! Pack up your camping gears and get ready for Liam’s Camping themed party. When you say camping, the first word that comes to mind would be nature or outdoor, right? But with Liam’s party, they wonderfully added an itsy-bitsy twist when they bring the whole outdoor shebang indoors! Yes, camping indoor. Curious? Let Party Magic show us how it’s done.

Most often than not, venues set the ambiance of the party and so it’s imperative to choose a venue that will complement your theme. However, for great event stylists, no matter where the venue is, I’m sure they can and will find a way to make it work. Party Magic has proven once again that they are right up in that alley – whenever, wherever.

Liam’s party makes me one happy camper. These fascinating knick-knacks provided the right amount of flair to this fun theme.

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With Mann Hann’s brown and white fixtures, Party Magic added few more colors to make Liam’s party festive without losing the warm outdoorsy feel.

ceiling (3)ceiling (6)ceiling (7)

Party Magic really set the stage on fire! Their stage setup looks ridiculously captivating and laid-back at the same time. Let’s just say, Liam may now camp with style.

stage (3)stage (5)stageAstageB

Liam’s table centerpieces are so adorable! With a few of these cute details, they were able to turn this modern party venue into a campsite. Again, it’s all in the details.

centerpiece (8)centerpiece (10)centerpiece (13)

Are you in a mood for serious deliciousness?

sweets (5)sweets (9)sweets (10)sweetsAsweets (7)

Vendor listing and reference:

Venue/food: Mann Hann, San Juan
Styling: Party Magic
Photo: Little People Photography
Desserts (cake/cookies/cupcakes): Swell Sweets Confections
Host: Jiggles the Balloon lady
Entertainment: Storytelling by Adarna House
Foodcarts: Potato Corner and Nestle Ice Cream


  1. Wow, I really enjoy all your posts! I admire the creativity in these themed parties for kids–it make their birthdays very special. Good job!

  2. These planners and event organizers are really pitting with each other and the competition is stiff! The parties are getting more creative, colorful and fun these days.

  3. the themed again is another different and yet too fancy. i like how the camping themed goes as well as the decor and the cake and souvenirs, too manly indeed.

  4. The party really has an outdoorsy feel! Love those cupcakes! and the creative designs as always! hmmm I would love a party like this for my boys :)ku

  5. oh wow, i could see the outdoors in those cupcakes, i want to have them all. whew, love love this theme, of bringing outdoors feeling into the party, camping in style.

  6. I love this camping birthday theme Sis. The balloons that shape like a bear is so genius. My kids will enjoy this theme. We like country, mountain and animals. Perfect to enjoy and have fun with this theme 🙂

  7. I love seeing new entries here, Ms Jo-Anne. Themed parties are very interesting and exciting. I must say that, this particular camping theme looks awesome. I would love to ask for your help when my Kiko turns 7.

  8. Ahh… that is simply so nice a theme! So unique! So outdoorsy! I can imagine the little ones to even love the outdoor because of this theme! Great job, party-planners!

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