Macy’s Glam Camping Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Holy cuteness! An indoor camping-themed party showered with lots of girly fun, Macy’s GLAMPING party had my heart beating in double time. We’ve seen camping-themed parties that featured our adorable woodland friends but for this party, it’s all about gorgeousness. Styled by the wonderful team of Parties Inc., I love, love, love how they added a dash of chicness to this boyish theme. From the colors, patterns and all around feel of Macy’s girly fete, every detail was impeccably intertwined together giving us a swoon-worthy affair! You know me, I have such a soft spot for parties with interesting themes and when filled with lots of delightful details, oh my heart! So what are we waiting for? Pitch a tent, grab your gear and join me as I head over to Camp Macy.

And so the cuteness begins… The invitation to Macy’s party features this pull-out camping caravan. From the colors and floral print, everything in this invitation screams glam!


Attention happy campers, we are now approaching Camp Macy.


Oh wow, Parties Inc. made sure that Macy’s party is perfect from all sides of the venue. As evident to their ceiling decors, overflowing with pastel swags and paper lanterns, they also got paper pompoms, mismatched cloth buntings and paper fans to complete the look. I love how it instantly made the venue festive and oh-so-pretty.

ceiling (2)ceiling

Now, their stage setup is truly an eye candy! Showcasing a girly campsite right inside the venue, they also got all the camping essentials in this adorable installation. From the tent and blown up camping caravan, the colors and prints made everything looks ultra-chic. What’s not to love?

stagestage (1)

More camping goodies can be seen as their table centerpieces. Spotted some miniature tents, picnic baskets and even some lanterns here and there, the teddy bear stuffed toys injected the perfect kiddie aura to the setup.

table (11)table (3)table (1)table (2)table (5)table (6)table (10)

Macy’s gigantic cake by Sugarbox looks fabulous! Featuring a stacked up luggage case, the mini caravn on top made sure that the design is perfectly tied up to the theme.

cakecake (2)

This lovely camping area serves as their photo op backdrop. Who wouldn’t want to have their souvenir snap or two (or three) here?

photo op

Personalized keychains and adorable lunch bags, every kiddo who attended Macy’s party got to bring home these wonderful party loots!

activity (4)activity (3)favors

Vendor listing and reference:
Party Stylist: Parties, Inc (Tiffany Co)
Cake: Sugarbox Cakes
Personalize Keychain Souvenir: Ant’s Pocket
Lights and Sounds:Dubstation Pro
Catering: Golden Cape Catering

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