Tallie’s Pink Russian Themed Party – 1st Birthday

We probably all think of onion domes, vodka, and nesting dolls when we hear Russia – elements that are filled with a unique meaning and have put the magnificent city on the style map. As a vast nation that spans two continents, Russia gave the world a taste and experience of their heritage like no other. Russian style provides a great visual springboard and inspiration that I know would translate beautifully to your own celebration.

Here in Party Doll Manila, oh how we love the classics! But themes that offer a little something different are truly amazing! They are hard to come by, but luckily we have come across one – a Russian party that is pretty in pink! You don’t need a long flight to admire the Matryoshka dolls and Saint Basil’s Cathedral because Tallie brought them to you by way of her first birthday celebration. Styled by Barbie Pardo, this bash is pure Russian chic! She set the pinks against the whites – and the pinks really popped and knotted everything into a brightly glowing arrangement. This bash also perfectly reflected all of the iconic favorites of Russian culture – from the Matryoshka items to the grandest cake in all the land – and I simply can’t get enough! To see how they can be done, check out all the details captured by JR Photography. Have a wonderful time gazing lovingly at the exquisite photos I have got from Russia with love!

Mother Nature really knows how to make things gorgeous – just like how the sunshine warmed the entire setting for Tallie’s celebration. Mostly bedecked with white palette, the pink and some hints of blue and yellow provided a striking contrast in the room. Kids were also given a special spot indoors. That area was separated from the rest with picket fences and an adorable signboard marked the entryway.

venuevenue (2)

The understated hues gave the stage a cool and contemporary look. The dove gray backdrop – which featured a Russian interior – did not look a bit dreary, thanks to the glare brought in by the sun! The bright pink palette of the gigantic Matryoshka dolls and the signage added a pop of pick-me-up and notice-me color and remained the focal point of the space.


The gilded chandeliers added a layer of luxury to the ceiling space. To match the theme and achieve a bouncy look, they were decked out with pompoms and Matryoshka prints. I love the color combination! They appeared soft and whimsical – a perfect touch to any little girl’s soiree.


The tables couldn’t get more charming when paired with ghost chairs. These soulless pieces brought a modern air into the setting and balanced the ambiance with their transparent look. The pink and blue patterned runner layered the table in style. The centerpieces – which included a set of Matryoshka dolls sit atop a sweet box – created a real sense of occasion! Blooms in rosy shades also freshly mingled with the tabletop elements.


If edifices were just sweets, they would look something like this! Tallie’s cake was a miniature of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. It was pink from walls to domes and the intricate details were impressive! Obsessed? I do not blame you.

cakecakeAcake (2)cake (3)

Ready to think pink? The dessert spread was filled with blush-hued sweets! From cake pops, cupcakes, meringue, and cookies – every single treat was dolled up with the Matryoshka. The Russian cityscape backdrop was also stunning on display. I gushed over how feminine and chic they were, but friendly for a kiddie celebration!

sweets (2)sweets

An entertainer – decked in pink babushka shawl and dress – made everyone emulate the feel of walking through the streets of Russia!


The cute little guests took home with them these big dose of treats placed in a pretty container.


Hello darling Tallie! I bet this awesome family portrait will recall wonderful memories and crack a smile on you in years to come.

family (3)

Vendor listing and references:
Event stylist: Barbie Pardo (Email: barbara.pardo@gmail.com)
Photographer: JR Torres Photography
Cake and cupcakes: Nothing But C

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