Martin’s Philippine Fiesta Themed Party – 1st Birthday

What are the three things that made Philippine Fiestas’ spectacular? Why, there’s the eye-catching and colorful details, lots of yummy food and the company of our love ones. These are the very same elements of a fun-filled children’s party, right? So for today’s party showcase, aside from celebrating Martin’s blessed first year, it’s also about showing our famed Filipino fiesta culture – from the colorful and creative decors, to the amazingly cute Filipino-inspired sweet treats and the highly anticipated exciting games. Styled by My Choice Party Shop and wonderfully captured by HM Venegas Media Arts, Martin’s Philippine fiesta themed party is filled with different ideas that will surely inspire you to throw your own fiesta themed party.

For the venue decorations, they kept it clean, straightforward and so fiesta-rrific. Honestly, nothing completes the whole Philippine fiesta atmosphere than these colorful banderitas.


I like how they used these banana leaves as table runners while the “Lechon” (roast pig) bread looks so adorable! Other elements used as part of their table centerpieces are these kiddie guitars, mini “kalesa” replica (horse-drawn carriage) and these colorful tree-like thing.

centerpiece (2)centerpiece (4)centerpiece (6)centerpiece

They highlighted their dessert tablescape by doubling it as their stage backdrop. From one cute sweet treat to the next, everything here looks superb, another brilliant creation by The Cake Room team. I love love love how they made sure every sweet treat is perfectly tied up to the theme! My personal favorites are the “bahay-kubo” (nipa hut) and jeepney sugar cookies. The mango and mangoosten inspired cakepops looks good, too! Let’s not forget Martin’s fab cake.

stagesweetssweets (3)sweets (6)sweets (12)sweets (13)sweets (15)

Some fun games and shows to keep the festive mood in full swing.


These colorful puto (steamed rice cakes) makes a great giveaways.


Vendor listing and references:

Venue: East View Hotel
Decors: My Choice Party Shop
Cake and desserts: The Cake Room
Photo: HM Venegas Media Arts

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