Derek’s Panda Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Here in PDM, we make our own little traditions and one of them is to start the year with a whole dose of prettiness. Since it’s another working day after a loooong holiday break, we understand that you guys need an extra boost and you need it fast! So we hope that this party will cheer you up because it definitely gave us a reason to smile from ear to ear.

We simply can’t resist parties that have a very cute theme and so Derek’s adorable bash got us smitten all over. A party that is overflowing with black and white deets plus a whole lot of PANDA-monium, My Choice Party Shop styled this party as a cute way to feature some downright lovely party ideas. And if that doesn’t catch your interest yet, let me go ahead and add that the sweet treats made by The Cake Room looks absolutely fantastic. With wonderful photos by Cmfotographia Kids, keep on scrolling down to see these cute and cuddly pandas in action.

Do you like pandas? Silly question, who doesn’t? If you’re planning a party centered around our furry friends, then using black and white – with a touch of green – is the way to go. Just check out their ceiling treatment! Also, if you’re up for a little DIY decoration challenge, take a closer look at those white lanterns. Using white paper lanterns (or balloons) and some black paper cutouts to be used as the panda’s eyes, nose and ears, they turned these ordinary lanterns into PANDA-mazing. How cute is that?


I always believe that one doesn’t need to have a super extravagant party decoration to give your party the wow factor. In fact, some of the prettiest parties we’ve featured goes for a simpler setup with warm ambiance for their bash. For Derek’s party, I’m glad they go with this. Using the perfect amount of decorations made everything look delightful.


For their table centerpiece, they used the same elements as their stage setup but made smaller and so much more charming.


Here’s a little secret, I always look forward to seeing the kind of eye candies that are in store for us to ogle on in every party we feature particularly around their dessert spread. Guess what? I’m always in for a fun surprise. Are you ready for more cuteness? I do! The desserts made available to Derek’s guests are a decadent treat for any Panda-themed party. See how charming those toppers and designs are? Even his cake looks too cute to eat! Those darling cakepops and sugar cookies makes me so giddy.


Also spotted these old school ceiling games and prizes that gave the kids another reason to smile.


Brown paper bags decorated with panda cutouts can serve as a cute party giveaway, don’t you think? It looks fun, easy to do, cost-efficient and instantly matches with the theme. Bam!


Here’s the panda-loving Derek with his swoon-worthy smile. Can I get a collective “awwww” here?



Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: My Choice Party Shop // Photos by: CMfotographiaKids // Cake and desserts: The Cake Room

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