Zack’s Halloween Trick or Treat Themed Party – 1st bIrthday

What? Trick or treating in August? Oh yes. While some of you might think that I’m craaazy, well, Zack’s party is too freakin’ cute to put on hold. If I have to wait for 2 more months before posting this party, believe me that will be a crazier idea. Besides, there is no such thing as planning too early for a party, right? *wink

Courtesy of Khim of Party Deco, who knows her way around making fabulous parties one after another, I’m quite smitten to see how she added a touch of whimsy and prettiness even to the spookiest theme. Filled to the brim with different creepy delights, she amazingly managed to turn it into something terrifyingly adorable. While not all parents can embrace the idea of mashing up Halloween and birthday party into one event, you really have to see this party to believe. From vampires and witches to bats and spiders, Zack’s spectacular boo bash is a Halloween-approved way to showcase an over the top spine-chilling birthday extravaganza.

Floating ghastly ghost and flying bats, a sure-fire way to add that a-whooo-some fright factor to the party. I like that they chose to include those floating pumpkin paper lanterns, too.


They don’t need to cast a spell on me to make me fall in love with their main backdrop, it looks overly C.U.T.E! The charmingly designed Zack standees and the brightly colored haunted castle is terror-rific!


Be sure to check out their boo-tiful table centerpieces. Decked with a miniature version of their stage setup, the added pumpkins injected an extra ooooh-mph.

table (2)tabletable (7)

Think bold colors and scary but kiddie-friendly looking characters, Zack’s cake looks spooky and adorable at the same time.


No tricks just 100% too-cute-to-spook treats, Zack’s scrumptious dessert spread is the bomb! A shockingly gorgeous setup complete with oreo spiders, shot glass mummy treats, witch hats and eyeball cakepops, I would easily go from “No, thanks” to “Yes, please!” And those captivating cupcake toppers are just perfect!

sweetssweets (3)sweets (4)sweetsEsweetsAsweets (20)sweets (6)sweets (2)sweetsBsweets (21)sweetsHsweetsFsweetsDsweets (23)sweetsCsweetsg

When we’re talking about trick or treating, the more goodies the better. These kids surely got a handful of them inside these goody bags.

favors (2)favors

Here’s Zack looking boo too cute in his Vikings outfit.

family (2)

Vendor listing and reference;
Venue: Top of the Apo, Apo View Hotel
Event Stylist: Party Deco
Cake, cupcakes, cake pops, sugar cookies: Cupcake Couture
Desserts: Alors
Invites and loot bags: Pingkay’s Hands
Host: Gigz

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