Raj and Amir’s “Where the Wild Things Are” Themed Party

Ooohh… There’s a new king in town and I bet you’ll love him just as much. Max, the king of The Wild Things, is here to let the wild rumpus start! The question is: are you ready to join the fun? A charming and quirky theme to have, this book is definitely loaded with great ideas that will have you rooting for it in no time.

I don’t know how event stylist extraordinaire Kaye Garcia does it but every time she posts her parties, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Wondering what her next party will look like, it’s such a delight to see how she made each theme come alive in a very chic way possible. Don’t believe me? Scroll down to see how she magically transformed the venue with her exquisite taste in making even the most ordinary detail look special. While I know that I may sound like a broken recorder by now – gushing from one party after the other, I just can’t help myself when they’re as good as this. Raj and Amir’s party is simply a breath of fresh air. From its theme, decors and desserts, every inch of this party is ridiculously amazing!

To make it more exciting, Kaye amazingly transformed the venue into a jungle just like Max’s bedroom. With floor to ceiling trees popping here and there combined with those brown and green paper lanterns, everything look really rad! I love how she made those trees using only ribbons as trunk and cardboard-ish material for the leaves. Covering the floor with astro turf made sure that they achieved the jungle-like atmosphere they were aiming for flawlessly. Very impressive, huh?

ceilingceiling (2)

Their table setup was not too shabby either. In fact, it impeccably matches the theme with its burlap skirting topped with more fresh trees that were accentuated with coconut husks! This party wouldn’t be complete without Max and the Wild Things making an appearance so in all their cuteness glory, check out those felt character dolls as part of their table centerpiece.

table (3)tableA

Oh my heart, Raj and Amir’s dessert and candy bar looks amazing! Featuring a blown-up illustration from the book that is wonderfully showcased at the backdrop, coupled with details like fresh moss covered paper mâché letters and little gold crowns apothecary jars details. There really is no small or big details when you want perfection!

sweets (3)sweets (4)sweets (6)sweets (7)sweets (10)

Who can resist these yummy treats? Too much cuteness! From their cakes, cookies, cupcakes and Oreo pops, that my friend, is pure indulgence.

cake (1)sweets (1)sweets (9)cake (2)sweets (2)sweets (5)sweets

Vendor listing and reference:
Event Stylist: Kaye Garcia (email: kayegarciaevents@gmail.com)
Cake & desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio
Turf & chairs: Garden Wedding Co.
Picnic benches: Windsor Tiffany Chairs Co.
Caterer: Via Mare



  1. Hi can you tell me how much your large cake for Raj cost? I’d like to do a cake like that and I found a bakery that can do this design but not sure if it’s in my budget. Thanks!

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