Jodie’s Vintage Kitty Cat Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Its official, our cute-o-meter just went bonkers on us! A party that is purr-fect in every sense, Jodie’s vintage kitty cat-themed party got tons of oh-so-purr-ty details that will have us swooning in no time. With an adorable theme and desserts that are totally, extremely, over the top and cuter than cute, each and every detail stylist Kaye Garcia puts together in this bash brought me an immense amount of happiness! It’s like I’m floating on cloud 9! Thankfully, Stanley Ong went above and beyond in taking all these gorgeous shots for us to see and let me just say WOWNESS! If you believe in love at first sight, well, this party got me all smitten kitten!

A little bit of vintage-y feel, a dash of charm, I’m sure Jodie got her guests intrigue with this invitation. I mean, come on, how many times did you attend or see a party with this lovely theme? With Kaye Garcia as the stylist, we can all expect a dreamy fete even from the most extraordinary theme.


Jodie’s parents sure thought of everything from Jodie’s outfit to her shoes.

details (1)details (4)

For the love of white, lace and all thing girly! Their ceiling setup looks so immaculate and simply elegant. It’s somewhat different from the usual bright and cheerful ceiling we see in kiddie parties, but I think going all white has a different charm on its own.

ceiling (2)ceiling

The stage setup features a pink and frilly wall as a background with a picture of a cute vintage kitten that have me aawww-ing meowing. Teehee. It’s a simple yet fancy-looking setup and it just screams girly girl to me.


Cat plushies, beautiful blooms, mini flower fence boxes and pails all in subtle hues of pastel prettiness. Everything looks so sweet and dainty.

table (1)tableA

Now, now, I know that when Kaye is the stylist, a beautiful dessert spread is expected. She had long-established herself as one of the experts when it comes to styling a kickass dessert spread and she did it once again in Jodie’s party. With a cake that is so awwww-dorable, every sweet treat in this table will make us leap with joy. To be honest, I can’t even imagine anyone taking a bite and eating these sugary kittens. I.just.can’t! Cottontail Cake Studio made everything look too good to be eaten!

sweets (2)sweets (3)

Extreme cuteness ahead. As in seriously, check out the adorable sugar kittens playing with yarn balls around the cake! I want to bite my hand for gushing too much.

cake (2)cake.ecake (1)

Cutie kitten cupcakes, yarn ball cakepops, kitty cat sugar cookies and charming Oreo pops topped with a bow. Everything looks sooooo purr-ty. Yes? Yes!

sweets (5)sweets (6)sweets (9)sweets (10)sweets (7)sweetsA

Host Alex Lagula and the Tectonix kept everyone on the edge of their seats as they played games, watched fun magic show and joined the beat.

show (2)show (5)show (4)show (1)

Aside from their “Adopt a Cat” cart wherein they let the kids choose and bring home a cat stuffed toys, they also have this lovely flower cart so everyone can make and enjoy their own bouquet of flowers. They also handed out these boxes as additional party giveaways.

flower (1)favors

Here are some of my favorite snaps of Little Miss Purr-fect, Jodie and her family.

familyAfamily (7)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Kaye Garcia (email: // Photo credit: Stanley Ong Photography // Cake and desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio // Host: Alex Lagula // Side entertainment: Tectonix


  1. Love the kitty sign. I have seen that kitty print before, how did you have the sign made? I would like one for a party!

  2. Love the poster! It’s my daughters 1st birthday soon and would love to have it! Where is it from? Thanks!

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