Zachary’s 50’s Diner Themed Party – 1st Birthday

It’s a “blast from the past” kind of day here in PDM as Zach’s party take the center stage with its spot-on revival of this nostalgic theme. With colors and details reminiscent of the fabulous 1950’s Diner, how about you join us on a trip through time as we look over these cool details brilliantly brought together by Pristine and her Party Please crew.

Yes, I’m talking about jukeboxes, Coca Colas, vinyl records and colorful milkshakes lining the bars of diners! A theme that is big on teal, red and chrome, let’s just say the vibrant and joyful mood of this theme alone will have us spinning tunes and rockin’ to the beat in no time. Rocking some serious style together from the ceiling and table setup to Zach’s cake and cute photo-op area, I adore the retro feel of every decoration they used. Even the awesome themed desserts gave this shindig the real diner-feel. So get ready to bop til we drop or doo-woop to the 50’s beat as we hip hop on over to Zach’s Diner!

The entrance to Zach Diner’s featured this old school looking “We’re Open” signage with a 1950’s diner girl at the side.


Their ceiling decoration consists of cloth swags and paper lanterns all in the retro vibe-ish hues of white, blue and red. The simple touch of colors instantly create a fun vibe to Zach’s party.


Zach’s stage setup features some of the key ingredients for a successful 50’s-inspired bash! Showcasing a vintage automobile replica and gas pump, let’s just say that the “interior decors” of Zach diner looks pretty rad. Oh… I also love how they added the black and white tiled floor mats to the setup, it mimics the floors traditionally found in 1950’s diners!

stage (2)stage (1)stage (3)stage (4)

Adorable miniature jukebox together with a Coca Cola bottle with yellow flowers and vinyl record paper cutouts were used to give their table setup the perfect rock and roll-ish vibes. Ready for a sock hop? Well, don’t be shy and channel your inner T-Bird and Pink Ladies in you.


Sugarplum Pastries did a super amazing job giving Zach’s cake the perfect retro diner look! This sure make my day – if not my entire week! With jukebox, diner bar and stools, it even got the lighting part, miniature fondant diner meals and checkered tiles awesomely. Cutie cute cute!

cake (1)cake (2)

Ooohh man! I’m not yet done raving about Zach’s sweet offering, you should seriously check out his adorable dessert spread. Milkshake cupcakes complete with fondant cherry and straw, jukebox cookies, macarons and cakepops, Zach even got another delectable “Burger and fries meal” cake included in this setup. Yummers.

sweets (4)sweets (1)sweets (6)sweets (3)sweets (2)sweets (5)

This delightful little corner serves as their photo-op area. Sharing with their guests some of the family’s charming photos, the installation also includes a diner-themed table setup to complete the look. Say cheese!

photo op (1)photo op (2)

Host Alex Lagula made sure that the fun never stops during Zach’s party with his fun show and exciting games, even Clowning Around and Tectonix were there to make sure that everyone got their grove on. They also have milkshake, ice cream sandwich and mini corndog food carts and kiddie salon at the sides for everyone to enjoy.

show (1)show (2)prizes (2)prizes (1)

These personalized themed lunchbags served as their giveaways at the party.


Don’t you just love it when a family wear matchy-matchy outfits? Here’s the little cutie with his family.

family (1)family (2)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue/Food: Century Seafood Restaurant // Full Event Coordination: Events and Beyond // Event Stylist: Party Please // Cake and Desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Photo/Video: Shuttercount // Giveaways: Insulated Bag (c/o Client) // Party Host and Magician: Alex Lagula // Dancing Balloon Show: Tectonix // Mini Musical/Sound System: Clowning Around (Hi-5) // Projector & Widescreen: Jan Visuals // Food Carts: Ton of Fun (Milkshakes, Ice Cream Sandwich and Mini Corndog) // Balloonist: Mr. Eric Uy // Kiddie Salon: Pink Box Kiddie Salon // Roving Photobooth: Photoman Photography

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