Mateo’s The Hobbit Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Any J.R.R. Tolkien fans in the house? Then this next party will surely get your groove on. Taking us to a new level of adventure and fantasy, Mateo’s The Hobbit themed party is wickedly amazing in so many ways. With details that got my head spinning with excitement, they have everything covered right on the dot! Taking inspiration from the different elements of the book, I just love how they adorably create each and every one of them. It is as if it came right out of the book! Seriously, this is one epic party you have to see.

Here’s one way of making a smashing first impression! These cool-looking “Middle Earth Map” inspired invitations got “The Hobbit” look written all over it.

invites (3)invitesinvites (2)

Entrance? What entrance? Ohh…yeah. They cleverly recreated Bilbo’s round green door to serve as the entrance to Mateo’s party. Coolness!

entrance (2)

Using lots of brown and green elements at the venue helped achieve a touch of forest-y vibes to match the setting of the book. While we see tons of outrageously styled parties, Mateo’s party is different. With a relaxing yet still charmingly decorated venue, I must say, they nailed it pretty well.

venuevenue (2)table

The stage! One of my favorite bits in Mateo’s party, I get such a kick out seeing how wonderful Mateo’s hobbit house look! Their stage setup is pretty impressive. Aside from the house, they made sure it is loaded with the right details to make everything look anything but perfect “.

stagestage (4)

Do you want to know what makes my heart flutter? Mateo’s cake and dessert spread. These oh-so-sweet babies were decorated with gorgeous sugar arts that are just too cute to eat. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll have the heart to slice and eat such an adorable looking cake. It is beyond C-U-T-E!

cakesweetssweets (9)sweets (7)sweets (6)sweets (2)sweets (5)sweets (4)sweets (3)

This pretty little corner here features some of Mateo’s darling photos and some of his baby firsts. The inviting setup beside it can easily serve as their photo op area. Notice the pile of cloaks there? Those were given to their little guests to complete their “The Hobbit” adventure.

gallerygalleryAgallery (4)gallery (3)photo op

Aside from the game booths and food carts, fun entertainment and games were also prepared to make sure their guests were having a blast. And be sure to check out their Smaug piñata!

showguestsdetails (3)details (2)

These burlap sacks filled with more goodies served as their giveaways.


Here’s the little cutie patootie with his loving parents looking all sweet and ready to party.

family (8)family (7)

Vendor Listing and reference: Venue: Blue Leaf McKinley
Stylist: The Party Project
Caterer: Hizon’s
Cake, cake pops, cupcakes: Sugarplum Pastries
Photographer: Jamie Lihan of Imagine Nation Photography
Party games, host: Chubster
Party manager, booths, food carts: Jelly Bellies
Invitations: Kindred Pasana (design), The Party Project (design execution)
Photoman: Pose and Print Photo Booth


  1. This looks like it was an awesome party! Can you tell me about the pinata? Where can I order one? Planning a Hobbit party for my daughter and have not seen a pinata are great as that one!
    Thank you

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