Party Planning 101: Easy DIY Activities and Themes for your next house party! (Quarantine Edition)

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A birthday is a special milestone that we all look forward to and celebrate in the most memorable way. But this year, celebrating your child’s birthday will certainly be different. Amidst our fight to beat COVID-19 through quarantine and social-distancing, having to gather our friends and loved-ones in one place may not be the best way to do it at the moment. Yes, say it with me, COVID-19 is a party pooper!

You may not be able to throw your kid a birthday party the way you want it because social-distancing won’t let you, but you can make the most out of it by having a fabulous house party (read more here). So, there’s definitely no reason to miss all the fun in having a birthday bash.

If you are wondering how to make this year’s celebration entertaining and exceptional, here’s a few suggestions (+ our suppliers reco) for your lockdown birthday blowout activities that can easily match your dream themes:

Cooking aka Cook out theme party

Cooking may be one of the most trivial activity you can think of because it’s part of our daily routine, but don’t underestimate this conventional bit. I bet you always notice how excited the little ones are while watching you cook with their little hawk eyes, and the way they ask curious questions whenever they are in the kitchen. Then you know this theme will be a sure hit, right?

Preparation for this activity is also very simple. The things that you’ll need are all inside your kitchen. And to make it interesting, why not make it a pretend “cooking show”. You can have a video recording that you can watch over and over with your family and friends.


##cookingwithkids ##whatscooking 8 Spoons’ Taiwanese Chicken Chops

♬ Taiwan – Instrumental – Manhattan Mongoose

For party ideas: See Micaela’s Junior MasterChef Themed Party and Ava’s MasterChef Junior Party

Baking aka Little Baker theme party

Many are intimidated of the accurate measurements needed or the elaborate directions when it comes to baking. But really, it’s as easy as A-B-C because there are a lot of simple recipes out there. Just think about having a homemade birthday cake straight from your oven! And your dessert spread can have yummy chocolate chip cookies, pretty cupcakes, and charming cake pops. If you don’t own a baking oven, you can still pull this off since there are plenty of no-bake recipes available online for you to try.

Well, The Party Project (Facebook here) also have cupcake decorating kits for you to enjoy!

cupcake decorating

For party ideas: Stella’s Little Baker Themed Party and Hailey’s Dainty Little Bakeshop Themed Party

Painting aka Arts & Crafts theme party

Set up your own art studio at home, and let your creative juices flow. Perfect idea, right?! You can relax and enjoy your time painting at the comfort of your own home. All you need are – canvas, paints, brushes, palette, easel, and apron; plus, your confidence and enthusiasm!

Now, if you don’t have these items to make your art studio at home happen, be sure to check out Art Craze – Paint by numbers (Facebook page).


Party.Play PH (Facebook here)is also ready to bring these adorable ceramic coinbanks directly to your home!

ceramic painting

For party ideas: Vince and Chloe’s Art Attack Party and James’ Art Attack / Painting Themed Party

Miniature crafts aka Construction theme party

Do you notice how your little one’s eyes sparkle as they run to check on those architectural building models at the mall and wonder how those tiny windows and doors were put together? Then this is the perfect activity for you and your tiny tot! From restaurant and a mansion, to an ice cream station and Japanese food stall; there are a lot of sets to choose from.

Assembling a miniature set may require a lot of patience, especially if you are doing this with little kids, but it sure is rewarding once you’re done building the DIY miniature set. You can even display the finished product in your living room for everyone to see!

You may not have the tools needed to start building your miniature crafts; don’t fret, Lil’ Haven PH (Facebook page) got you covered.

lil havenlil haven2lil haven1

For party ideas: Carlos’ Construction Themed Party and Kean’s Construction Themed Party

Plushie making aka Pet/Dollhouse theme party

Kids love stuffed animals and plushies because they are colorful and oh so huggable! Then why not have your own little plushie making project and make it more memorable? Plush art is one activity that will stimulate your child’s creativity and resourcefulness since you can even use scrap materials that can be found at home.

Moms, if you are worried about your kids getting pricked, you can even find tutorials for plushies that does not require sewing or you can check these adorable plushie kits by Ant’s Pockets (Facebook page).


For party ideas: Kaeden’s Pet Town Themed Party, Ashlee Jade’s Mooshka Dolls Themed Party and Aria’s Darling Dollhouse Themed Party

Polymer jewelry crafts aka Jewels and Gems theme party

If your birthday girl loves cute and charming trinkets, then this activity is excellent for you! Another fun crafting activity is making jewelry using polymer clay. They’ll have a great time making all sorts of pretty charms for their necklace, earrings, or bracelets. You’ll never know, this can turn into a hobby!

For your craft making needs and inspo, drop by Provenance 1800 Designs and Crafts (Facebook page). You’ll find several ideas and kits for your enjoyable crafting experience.


For party ideas: Monique’s Jewels and Gems Themed Party

Science experiments aka Mad Science Theme Party

For curious little minds; this is one superb activity that will spark happiness to the moon and back. Engaging kids to simple science experiments will instantly transform them into mini-scientists and inventors. It’s hitting 2 birds with one stone – having a blast, while learning and discovering!

Adventure awaits those who have great imagination. Choose from different experiments at Oli’s Boxship (Facebook here)


Care for some dino exploration? The Party Project (Facebook page) got the perfect RAWR-in’ fun activity for your explorers!


or let Nutty Scientists Philippines (Facebook page) guide you – virtually, of course – with their interactive experiments you can do at home.


For party ideas: Liam’s Mad Science Themed Party

Play dough activity aka Play Doh theme party

For sure, kids will have a fun time molding and creating different shapes out of these colorful play dough! You can start with simple ones like shapes and fruits, and then switch to complex ones like animals. There are endless possibilities on what to make.

Our friends from Color Play Happy (Facebook page) can help you out and boost your child’s creativity with their learning kits. Browse below to learn more.

color play happycolor play2color play3

For party ideas: Rocio’s Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Themed Party

Bath Bomb decorating aka Sparty theme

Throwing your little lady, a birthday SPA-rty will surely make her feel pampered. Girls, no doubt, love getting their nails done. Turn your place into a mini-spa salon, and have foot scrubs handy for a gentle and relaxing exfoliating massage. Prepare to paint those nails with colorful polishes, and nail-art is a must!

These bath bomb decorating kit by Frances Bath and Body (Facebook here) will surely make your afternoon extra fun!


For party ideas: Chloe’s Spa Party

There you have it! Remember, everyone can be creative. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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