Monique’s Jewels and Gems Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Come join us as we celebrate Monique Kirsten Jule’s shining, shimmering, splendid 1st birthday! Designed by I Style, this bedazzled occasion showcases a “Jewels & Gems”-themed party that’s sure to bring a sparkle to anyone’s eye. This festivity wouldn’t be a success without Jule’s very own mother, Kathleen Ng, whose love for and dedication to pretty little Jule is evident in the lavish party arrangement. Check out Happy Folks Studio’s coverage!

Each guest received an invitation card adorned with bright, colorful trinkets – a little taste of an impressive gem of a party that awaits them!

details (2)

Precious little Jule wore an elegant pastel pink dress. The skirt was a dainty, flouncy layer upon layer of soft pink tulle. It was cinched in the waist with a thick pink ribbon. Finally, in keeping with a bejeweled party theme, Jule’s dress was embellished with flat back crystals. It was the perfect dress for a perfect princess!


Guests first had to sign at the registration desk, where they could pick and choose from pink, green and blue sparkling top hats – a fashion break away from the usual party cones we see in regular parties! Framed photos of little Jule were also arranged around the registration desk. Of course the frames were decked with faux pearls and stones to complete the look.

registration (2)registration

Entering the party hall was like walking through a scene from the game Diamond Rush. The guests’ eyes immediately wandered to the ceiling that gleamed with gold & silver diamonds. Over the stage, the ceiling was adorned with 3D geometric prisms!


The stage was a marvelous eye-catching scene full of honeycombs in all sorts of colors and sizes, all hand-crafted by Jule’s mom! These intricate designs framed the celebrant’s name which lighted up and shone beautifully.

stagestage (1)

Every centerpiece was unique; a lavish arrangement of flowers in gold and silver bottles adorned with tiny crystals, a solitary cactus plant and different combinations of colourful, geometric shapes.


The cake was a three layered mass of brilliance. Embroidered with the sweetest gold frosting and decorated with huge candied fruit that looked like orange fire opals. Yummy!


Indulge your sweet tooth and satisfy your cravings with choices that range from Black Forest, Tiramisu, Mango Mousse, Panacotta, cupcakes, and gems made from dark and white chocolate… Oh the joys of sugar rush! What’s not to love?

sweets (6)sweets (1)sweetsAsweets (5)

Watch and be mesmerized as this magician summons a bird out of nowhere!

show (1)show (2)

Vibrant colored fish as a souvenir? Who would have guessed?! Kids and adults alike were all excited to bring home these Beta fighting fish (Betta splendens), a species of fish that require low maintenance – certainly a gem of a pet!


The most precious gem that nothing can ever outshine is deep and true family love as seen in this beautiful picture of dear Julia with her doting parents.

family (5)family (7)

Vendors who made it happen:
Event Styling, Coordination, Invitations, Loot Bags, Party supplies, Party Souvenirs, Fish Jar deco Activity: i.Style by Hotel Supreme Baguio // Venue and Catering: Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza, Baguio City // Photographer: Happy Folks Studio // Videographer: Fridge Multimedia // Entertainment: Master Dem // Birthday Cake: Apple Blossoms Cakes // Dessert Buffet: Daily Basket by Hotel Supreme // Food Carts: Xynergy Concepts // Face Paint and Balloon twisting: Xynergy Concepts // Souvenir: Beta Fish from Dat’s Petshop // Gowns: Helen V. Cruz

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