Brie’s My Neighbor Totoro Themed Party -1st Birthday

Studio Ghibli Theme Party Ideas

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Hold on tight as we celebrate Brie’s first birthday in a mystical adventure, inspired by the Japanese animated fantasy film, My Neighbor Totoro. Party Magic made sure Brie and her guests can enjoy a journey of fun and excitement just as Satsuke and Mei did with the forest spirit Totoro. Read on and check out Cradles’ scoop!

Brie’s guests were each given the most delightful invitation with a pop-up Totoro beckoning one and all to the merrymaking that awaits.


Two forest spirits, a Chibi and a Chu, patiently awaited guests and ushered them through a tori or gateway that was also in the form of a Totoro. The passageway was lined with cherry blossoms that reminded one of Sakura abloom in early April.


Get on a Totoro’s back and fly up to this lovely Aurora Borealis of lanterns, balloons and yards of soft fabric, all in uber chic pastel shades.

ceilingceiling (2)

The lush forest that covers Sayama Hills comes to life on Brie’s birthday stage! Around the forest scene are the wood spirits – Totoros in all shapes and sizes, keeping vigilant watch over the trees and the creatures that live in it. Wisteria with its pea-like clusters of delicate pink flowers adds a soft, dreamy appeal to the setting.


Behind some bushes is the mischievous Nekobasu with its huge grin, ready to take you on a magical ride! In Japanese folklore, it is believed that old cats are able to shape shift into any form just like this Catbus.

stage (2)stage (6)

The table setting was spot-on! Each one had a centerpiece that represented a scene from Brie’s favorite animation, just like this one showing an adorable Totoro figurine standing in front of his camphor tree home. Did you know that umbrellas are vital for Totoros to be able to fly high up in the sky?

tables (1)table (2)table (4)tables (2)

Woah! Check out the details on this awesome cake! It’s the Totoro’s camphor tree house with a fondant Mei and Totoro.

cake (2)

Brie’s guests were treated to a sweet tooth’s dream – strawberry shortcake; mango, blueberry and strawberry crème chiboust, chocolate éclairs and French macarons! One cannot say no to these sweet meringue-based delights.

dessertsdesserts (1)desserts (3)

Fill your tummies at the food corner! Stop by and have a taste of Japan with the Sushi Nori food cart. Chill out at the ice cream booth or get some hot fries and corndogs!


There wasn’t a dull moment at Brie’s birthday. Aside from the food carts, there were several game booths! Score a hundred points at Makkura Kurasuke Basketball or level your aim with a shooting game! Earn big with some golden nugget fishing or perfect the ring toss at Arrietty’s Flower Garden!

gamebooths (5)gamebooths (6)

Earn enough tokens and snag these awesome prizes! From candies to plushies, who wouldn’t want to take all these home?!

gamebooths (10)

The host’s enthusiasm was infectious. And like the popular game show hosts we see on TV, Tito Shahein led Brie’s young guests through the fun games!

host (1)host (2)

Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see this Totoro-oh perform with Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe! It was as if they had just stepped out of the movie screen!

show (4)show (2)

Take a photo with family & friends in this wonderful backdrop featuring the awesome Totoros!

photo-op (1)

Before heading home, Brie’s guests got one of these adorable Totoro pillows/blankets that came in cotton candy pink, ash grey and powder blue!

giveaways (2)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Stylist: Party Magic // Photo: Cradles // Cake: Bunny Baker // Catering and desserts: Bizu

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