Marcus’ Party at the Zoo Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Get ready for a roarrr-ing good time! Marcus threw the ultimate zoo-themed birthday bash, and we are totally wild about it! Don’t be surprised if this party stirs up either the animal lover or the party animal (or both!) in you. Event connoisseur Party Magic has once again showcased their untamed talent in styling and designing. We totally love how the theme was treated with a playful flair, instead of leaning towards the safari spectrum. Bright colors made the atmosphere festive, and no animal pattern was allowed to dominate the venue. If you’re looking for awesome party details and next-level entertainment ideas, this party got them in spades. The theme wonderfully touch-based on all elements of the bash: design, food, entertainment… you name it, these zoo residents got your back!

So, ready for some wild time and fierce fun? Check out Cradles’ scoop on Marcus’ celebration!

To set everything off on the right paw, guests were welcomed by this lovely color burst of an entrance. A promise of fun and excitement? No such thing as ‘a tall order’ for these giraffes. Marquees and fairy lights — yes, please!

entrance (1)entrance (2)

Colorful lanterns, transparent balloons, swags, banners and animal silhouettes made up the ceiling installments. I absolutely love how this set-up looks amazingly busy, yet airy and uncramped at the same time. Thanks to the transparent balloons which gave the illusion of space, the animals still stood out despite the psychedelic colors.

ceiling (3)ceiling (2)

Some certified zoo stars were in attendance on Marcus’ stage! These hipster versions didn’t put on a birthday hat for nothing. The backdrop was a zoo entrance, set up against a grand pillar of balloons. If this entire area does not spell awesome, I don’t know what does.

stagestage (1)stage (4)

Animal plushies for the win! These stuffed toys, coupled with caged flowers, amped up the tablescapes of the party. These cuties are even wearing party hats and came bearing gifts. Swoon!

tabletable (6)table (1)

A certified showstopper, Marcus’ 5-layer cake goodness featured some of our favorite zoo animals, and more. Staple zoo booths, like tickets, hotdog and pretzel stands, paraded the bottom layer. Party must-haves, such as balloons and banners, festooned the second and third layers, giving off some festive feels, while squares and circles shaped up the fourth and fifth layers. The true stars of this sweet goodness, however, are Marcus’ fave animals: a rhino, a zebra, a raccoon, a bear, and a giraffe which finished the entire cake off as the topper. Baked Twinkles must be beside themselves with a masterpiece of a cake such as this!

cake (4)cake (3)cake (2)

Marcus’ desserts stand can also double as a photo area, huge thanks to the majestic elephants manning the station. In huge contrast to these magnificent creatures, the sweets were dainty and charming, with cute miniature animals as toppers. I’m sure guests went bananas with these cake pops and cupcakes!

sweetssweets (2)sweets (5)

Animal encounters are becoming such a hit with kiddie parties, and I don’t think such an activity should go amiss in a zoo-themed bash like Marcus’. Guests sure had an ace time with some of our animal friends!

show (7)show (4)show (3)

All those activities surely worked up a wild appetite. Good thing Marcus had these food carts in tow!

cart (1)cart (2)

We may not be able to take home some zoo animals, but Marcus found a way to work around that: animal inflatables! Guests were still able to ‘adopt’ and take home some no-fuss, low-maintenance zoo residents.

booth (1)

As far as watering holes go, this might be the only parent-approved one. Marcus’ photo area features almost-life-size wildlife (which is really cool!). Colorful blocks and paper medallions were added for some cheerful vibes. I absolutely love the striking balance between the wildness of the animals and the playfulness of the entire area. To make the space more personal, Marcus’ baby pictures were also showcased.

photo op (1)photo op (4)

Game booths were also set up for some non-stop fun and excitement!

booth (2)

Given away as token to all party goers, check out these ferociously adorable little wooden caddies!


Here’s Marcus with his family, all smiles in celebration of his 1st birthday milestone.

family (1)family (2)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Stylist: Party Magic // Photo: Cradles // Video: Lemon Three Films // Cake and desserts: Baked Twinkles

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