Jacob’s 50’s Diner Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Welcome to the Fab 50’s! With retro elements such as classic muscle cars, vinyl records, jukeboxes and vintage trinkets, Jacob’s flashback fete will definitely kick up some nostalgic feel. Oh yes, it’s a 50’s Diner Party! And we are totally digging this boss of a bash! With event styling powerhouse Bespoke Manila’s signature hyper-visual expertise, this affair is every bit rockin’ and rollin’! A retro palette of red and blue is a foolproof color scheme for this little boy’s party; contrasting shades but at the same time perfectly complementing. It would really be hard to tell which is the most visually arresting element in this design, since all areas of the venue were peppered with interesting old-school curios. So don those Monroe and Presley attitude and let’s bop till we drop at Jacob’s diner bash!

Guests were greeted by an ultra-hip mustard-colored combi, guaranteed to take you back to the yesteryears. If that is not cool enough, a welcome installment was also set up to amp up the 50’s atmosphere. Lo-fi household appliances were showcased against a faux brick wall, where Jacob’s family portraits were featured. Check out Jacob’s drive-in diner sign!

entrance (2)entrance

Bespoke Manila is known for their Instagram-worthy aesthetics, and Jacob’s main area did not fail to deliver. When talking retro, one can’t go wrong with elements such as LP vinyls and vintage signage. But this main area chooses to be more than that. No 50’s diner set-up is complete without the ubiquitous jukebox, and Jacob’s makeshift Wurlitzer is definitely a head turner. The marquees and the diner sign brought in the essential element of gleam, and the aqua bar added a splash of authentic diner color. With the checkered black and white floor holding everything in together, this main area just screams classic diner.


Tablescape consists of red and white striped runners against crisp white linens. Bucketful of red flowers got their well-deserved attention as centerpieces. Accents were added such as diner patterned pinwheels, mini gumball machines, and shiny tin cans – for that element of diner shimmer.

table (9)tableA

When it comes to confectionery prowess, Sugarplum Pastries is definitely a force to reckon with. If you’re not convinced, just check out Jacob’s masterpiece of a cake! Designed as a diner bar, this cake features some common diner grub such as milkshakes, burgers and fries. Basically, this cake is diner goodies within Jacob’s diner goody. The jukebox topper may not be able to fill the venue with some tunes, but I bet it didn’t fail to fill the place with some smiles.

cake (3)cakeAcake (4)

We all know what the staples are in a greasy spoon joint: milkshakes, burgers, fries and sundaes. At Jacob’s birthday bash, all of these were served, Sugarplum Pastries-style! As if these sugar babies are not wow-worthy enough, check out the kitschy hot rod wall mount! Jacob’s dessert station is definitely rockin’ the 50’s pizzazz. Dishing up a mouthwatering variety of temptations such as sugar cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, and macarons, Jacob really made sure that his guests’ sugar fix is satiated. Aiming for more Instagrammable hits? Check out Evelyn’s matching cake, a one layer fondant square cake topped with a retro record player would definitely do the trick.

sweets (1)sweets (4)sweets (5)sweets (7)sweets (8)sweetsBcake2A

Added munchies and sweets are always a welcome treat! Grumbling tummies are a definite no-no, especially at a diner-inspired party. So, as snack reinforcements, the guests enjoyed nachos, a juice bar, cotton candy and ice pops.

food carts (2)food cartfood carts (1)

Game booths were also set up to entertain guests pre-party. Not only did the guests had fun, but they also got to win exciting prizes!


Snack packs were given away to little guests as take-home tokens. But, while I’m pretty sure the kids absolutely loved the loot, I am all for the personalized tote bags! How cool is it to have your very own diner logo?

giveawaysgiveaways (2)

Here’s little Jacob, lookin’ slick and all, with his lovely mom and cool daddy-o!

family (3)family (8)family (9)

Vendors who made it all happen:

Coordinator and stylist: Bespoke Manila // Cake: Sugarplum Pastries // Photographer: Happy Folks Studio // Videographer: Lemon Tree Films // Stage Backdrop: Saso Event Rentals // Photobooth Backdrop (Combi): Adrian Ardiente // Food Carts: Ice Pop Manila, Pouf Cotton Candy and Kajuayan Coconut Water // Additional Decorations: Royal Flower Shoppe and Sweet Nest Events // Photoman: The Walking Photoman // Host: Marvin Tomandao of Jive // Prizes: Benby Enterprises, Inc

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