Alonzo’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar Themed Party – 1st Birthday

The caterpillar phase is probably the most interesting part of the butterfly life cycle. It changes skin several times during this period. It is fascinating how a crawling species like this turn into a beautiful butterfly. Being a caterpillar also requires a lot of energy in order to complete metamorphosis. This is why their favorite activity is eating – yup, you read that right.

Kudos to Bespoke Manila for taking us to this gorgeous “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” party! Making sure that they perfectly captured the charm of this beloved children’s picture book by Eric Carle, we just can’t help but to fall in love with Alonzo’s party. From the colors to the different elements, we love how every detail is well thought of, simple and classy. A signature touch of Ernest Pascual and his team! Lucky for us, our friends from Happy Folks Studio documented the party well.

Fruits and larva are the main attractions in these little cards. Both very pure and candid!


You won’t get lost with this nature inspired sign by the entrance. Truly a tutti-frutti sight!


To mirror the colorful circle theme in “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” picture book, Bespoke Manila used multi-colored foldable fans as ceiling accent. I love the effect this simple trick gives.


Everyone has a great view of the stage in whatever table they are seated. Those colorful little polka dots are definitely eye catchers!

stage (1)1stage1

This accent piece is set on every table with Alonzo’s most memorable newborn moments. Each side of the box reminds us how to have fun on this awesome birthday bash.

table (5)1table (2)1table (3)1

Sugarplum Pastries made sure that the colors on this cake will stand out just like what Eric Carle envisioned them to be. The white fondant base makes the decors pop!


Greens are not all veggies, at least here in Alonzo’s party. They can be sweet too! Alonzo’s confectionery stand has the greens every kid would love!

sweets (2)1sweets (3)1sweets (6)1sweets (7)1

These lovely shades satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth.

sweets (1)1sweets (4)1

Aww… look at those happy faces. Happy kids and happy mommies!

games1games (2)1

Hello to this little carnival. Judging by these photos, the kids and the kids at heart played with all joy.

gamebooths (2)1gamebooths1gamebooths (3)1

On this photo wall is Alonzo’s 12 month metamorphosis. We look forward to more of this!

gallery (1)1gallery (2)1

A long journey is just about to begin. Spread your wings and fly with Mom and Dad, Alonzo!


Vendors who made this happen:
Stylist and coordination: Bespoke Manila // Photo: Happy Folks Studio // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries

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