Scarlett’s Fancy Flamingo Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Tropical Flamingo Theme Party Ideas


Summer may be officially over (hello, November!), but what we have for today is something that will definitely wake us up from our tropical reveries! With pops of vibrant colors and peals of infectious giggles, we’re sharing Scarlett’s fancy flamingo fete! It was a dainty meets dazzling kind of celebration brought to life by the amazing team of Bespoke Manila. We’re absolutely smitten by the delectable shades of pink, aqua, and green, which totally gave us the paradise-vibes from these shared snaps! Since we adored this set, get ready to fly away with us in this fuchsia fantasy!

At a glance, li’l Scarlett’s invites had us fawning over its simple yet classy artwork. The one-liner “Let’s Flamingle!” was such a witty catchphrase that we’re not surprised it made a comeback during the party.

invitation (1)

Kids were the VIPs in this bright bash, no doubt. That’s why they had name tags playfully done using the invite’s fancy flamingo border, tied up with an aqua lace to have those IDs secured.


An assortment of pink and aqua balloons festooned the ceiling, but what really added the extra oomph to the tropical vibe were the smattering of yellow and greens. We loved those bits of foliage sticking out as if to welcome us into (pink) paradise!


Can we take a second to admire this stylish stage set-up filled with salmon and aqua? It was such a lovely sight to behold with all the brilliant hues, and of course, flamingos! True to the chic tropical theme, flora was never lacking. We spot beautiful blooms softening the edges of the stage. Scarlett’s initial is the perfect representation of this adorable fowl! Oh my, what a backdrop!

stagestage (3)stageA

Adorable pink flamingos stand guard on each table, but those fresh floral centerpieces were absolutely gorgeous with their lushness! These well-put verdant pieces perfectly complemented the party’s tropical palette!

tableAtable setting (6)

Kids also had a special space laid out for them, with miniature white tables and colorful beanbags for a comfier seat. Can’t say we’re not envious, tbh!

kids tablw

Dolls, we totally squealed with delight when we saw Scarlett’s cake! It was a show-stopper! No, really! Sugarplum Pastries delivered another superb two-tiered creation that perfectly showcased a dainty hand-painted flamingo amidst a simply beautiful aqua cake. Zoom in closer and you’ll see wonderfully detailed hibiscus flowers set amidst ferns, berries, and palm leaves!

cake (4)cake (1)

An array of colorful sweet treats filled the dessert buffet, tempting nearly everyone with their vibrant hues and playful details. Every cupcake, cookie, and cake pop is painstakingly handcrafted and decorated to perfection.

dessertssweets (1)sweets (4)sweetsAsweets (7)sweets (9)

With two life-sized flamingos and bright balloons, this charming little nook, which features some of our li’l celebrant’s snaps, is such an IG-worthy spot!


And for guests who prefer savory over sweet, there’s a scrumptious spread of cold cuts and finger foods to nibble on. It was such a visual feast, which we totally approve of!

foodfood (3)

There are plenty of activities for the kids and kids-at-heart to choose from. Test your skills with a round of ring toss, shooting game, or spill the milk, and see if you’re good enough with carnival games!

prizes (6)gamebooth (2)Game boothsA

For the little artists, go for a bedazzling face painting session!


Guests were entertained throughout the program, as the hosts gave a little number to liven up the scene.


Everyone seemed to have a great time as mommies, daddies, titas, titos, and kids alike participated in a couple of exciting parlor games.

games (11)games (6)games (19)

With such cute flamingo-themed prizes at stake, who wouldn’t join in the amazing fun? Definitely count us in, loves!

prizes (2)prizes (8)

Guests took home a bag of goodies (literally!) as token for celebrating with Scarlett and her family. Each was filled with several charming knick-knacks to enjoy!

giveawaysgiveaway (2)

We’re pretty sure Scarlett had a fantastic time celebrating her bright, first fete with her loved ones. Kudos to her wonderful parents for putting together such a fantastic, colorful bash that’s definitely flam-azing!

familyAfamily (16)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Concept and full planning: Bespoke Manila // Beanbags and Stage Design: Saso Event Rentals // Ceiling and Gamebooths: Sweet Nest Events // Centerpieces: Royal Flower Shoppe // Photographer: Happy Folks Studio // Cake and Dessert Buffet: Sugarplum Pastries // Invitations: Amis Print // Food: The Plaza Catering // Lights and Sounds: Sensitivity // Photobooth: Studio on Wheels // Food Carts: Dippin Dots, Waffle Time, Aperitif, Potato Corner // Souvenirs: Hello Rainbow // Host: Marvin Tomandao // Entertainment: Jive Mnl

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