Akemi’s Charming Kokeshi Doll Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Japanese Kokeshi Doll Themed Party Ideas

akemi japanese theme party cover photo

Konnichiwa readers! Welcome to a very adorable medley of Japan’s culture and arts seen through Akemi’s chic kokeshi doll-themed birthday bash.

Akemi, a feminine name that means bright and beautiful; Japan, a country oozing with elegance and subtlety exhibited in one of their traditional form of art, the intricately designed and colorful Kokeshi dolls. Such a charming conjunction!

So feast your eyes on the different layers of those ideas through the lenses of Gatz Creatives and styling of Bespoke Manila.

Their invitation alone hints the elements you’ll see in the party. Cherry blossoms, Wagasa (Japanese umbrellas) and an adorable kokeshi doll. The design may be simple or minimalist but it paints a feeling of tranquility.

girly japanese party invites (4)

Spring in Japan means cherry blossoms or Sakura. It is one of the most anticipated season in the country by both locals and tourist because of its picturesque appeal. The idea is very inviting and welcoming. Hence it is the perfect image for the party’s entrance.

girly japanese party entrance

The ceiling transports you to a colorful hanami scene in Japan. The soft purple and pink lanterns accentuated by pink and white garlands with leaves looks dainty and sweet.

girly japanese party ceiling

What a snap-worthy stage setup! An ultra-sized and ultra-cute kokeshi doll blends well with the predominantly pink and purple honeycombs and round paper fans. Streaks of the blue globes perfectly breaks the roseate color scheme.

girly japanese party family

Check out these very delicate and very charming mini-sakura details on the table! We’re sure guests can’t resist not taking a photo or two. The clever reminder on how to enjoy the shindig also added a nice touch.

girly japanese party table (2)girly japanese party table (5)

A captivatingly dreamy sweet! Sugarplum Pastries did a good job in this two-layer ombre cake. The cake portrays shibui/shibumi, one of Japan’s aesthetic principle in art and life which means beauty in simplicity. The details of the topper are straightforward but very elegant. The texture of the frosting looks like wrinkled flowers.

girly japanese party cakeA

At first glance, you might say that there’s a lack of balance in this dessert table, and that’s a beautiful thing. Japanese call it fukinsei or Zen in asymmetry. The elements of cherry blossoms perfectly injected the theme in this already lovely arrangement.

girly japanese party sweets (2)girly japanese party sweets (4)

These are the most delightful and ethereal-looking sugary treats ever! The colors of powder pink, blue, purple and yellow gave these confections a very neat and delicious flair. Kawaii, or the culture of cuteness overload in Japan best describe everything on this spread. I dare you to eat those cupcake kokeshi toppers! They are too cute to eat. Like the typical Japanese art, they are carefully detailed.

girly japanese party sweets (8)girly japanese party sweets (5)girly japanese party sweets (3)girly japanese party sweets (1)

Japanese arts and craft have a long history and wide-variety of style that is so inviting to creative kids. Check out those Japanese stationaries and washi tapes!

girly japanese party activitiesgirly japanese party activities (2)

Here are some of the staple party game booths.

girly japanese party game boothsAgirly japanese party game boothsBgirly japanese party game boothsC

Look at all those happy and enthusiastic faces during the party games! Can’t blame them though, cos they are all in it to win these dazzling prizes. We are in creative-heaven, that’s for sure!

girly japanese party games (5)girly japanese party games (6)girly japanese party girly japanese party games (1)girly japanese party prizes (2)girly japanese party prizes

AKEMI is such a suitable name for this stunning celebrant. The dress, the hair, it is simply perfect! And here is the wonderful family showing all the love for each other.

girly japanese party family (3)girly japanese party family (9)girly japanese party familyA

Vendors who made it all happen:

Planning and concept: Bespoke Manila // Decorations and Game Booths: Sweet Nest // Photographer: Gatz Creatives // Cake and Cupcake Supplier: Sugarplum Pastries // Catering: Bizu // Centerpieces: Royal Flower Shoppe // Food Carts: Pouf, Karabella // Host: Marvin Tomandao (Jive) // Photobooth: BaiCapture // Venue: Arya Residences

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