Lia’s Ninja Themed Party – 7th Birthday

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Pink is for girls, blue is for boys. But for our birthday celebrant Lia, it’s a whole different party! It’s so refreshing to see a 7th birthday party without all the frills and fancy schmancy of a princess celebration. Lia’s fascination for all things ninja shines through this one of the most unique party themes we have seen so far. From the signature red and black ninja colors to the katans and origamis, our friends from Prod Worxs were able to execute Lia and her family’s vision of a very special 7th birthday, with a kick, baam, slam and a flip! Who says turning 7 can’t be this fun?

As guests enter, they are greeted by a hall decked with pink and white lanterns, dotted with the ubiquitous black and red ninja shades.

ceilingceiling (2)

The stage itself is like a welcome banner to Lia’s ninja village. A Japanese-styled marquee of Lia’s name, backed by two fighting ninjas with swords all ready,


Adorning each table is a very ninja customized logo, 2 katanas making up the number 7, and a stylized lettering of Lia’s name in Japanese, highlighted by the red and white origami fans festooned on the table as centerpiece. Delicate white-leafed plants accent the table center, and match well with the red and black theme of the day.


The cake was built like a dream. A 3-tier masterpiece made up of a traditional shoji, those cute Japanese house complete with panels, dominate the top 2 tiers. It even has a zen garden level, where a fondant image of Lia and her baby brother can be seen practicing the art of ninjutsu, complete with high kicks and swords.


Guests are treated to an assortment of goodies from Sugar Bits Candy Bar. Lollicakes with ninja stars and throwing knives, cupcakes with shurikens and ninjas practicing their flying kicks, plus sugar cookies with more katanas and ninja masks are spread on the fantastic Oriental-looking dessert table. For the adults, they can munch on chocolate bars and biscuits, all decorated in the red and black logo specially created for Ninja Master Lia.

sweets (3)sweets (1)sweets (2)sweets (5)sweets (4)

To keep the party rolling, The Crew PH, the best and the brightest champion street dance performers and choreographers in the country, prepared a Ninjutsu-themed performance, with special participation of Lia herself! Lia also presented a musical piece, and played the violin. What a really talented kid!

show (3)show (1)show (4)

Guests were also entertained with a few interactive games and game booths while the other guests enjoyed the parkour and freerunning course set up by Ninja Academy PH. What’s a ninja party without some running, jumping, climbing and tumbling?!

activity (2)activityguests

Capping off the party are the one-of-a-kind giveaways – a cute tee, a DIY color pillow and a customized soy bottle.


Lia and her beautiful family thank you all for kicking up some fun with them for Lia’s ultimate ninja party!

family (11)family (2)family (8)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling : Prod Worxs // Photo & Video : Peach Frost Studio // Coordinator: Pabys Creates Events // Candy Buffet : Sugar Bits Candy Bar // Venue: The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan // Caterer: Passion Cooks Catering // Entertainment: The Crew PH and Ninja Academy – PH // Host: Madison Events, Inc // Game Booths : Wickiup Party Boosters // Illusionist :IVAN The Selfie Magician // Velcro Wall:JBE AD Inflatables Rental

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