Juancho’s Mexican Fiesta Themed party – 1st Birthday

Hola amigos y amigas! Who’s ready to fiesta? I know I am! The scene is set for a fun and festive mood as we celebrate Juancho’s 1st birthday bash. A Mexican Fiesta inspired celebration is a staple to any themed party because of its vibrant color palette and wide range of decorations. Juancho’s party is splashing with bright hues of green, orange and yellow which brought about that rustic, exciting South of the Border feel. The sombreros, guitars, mustache, maracas and ponchos… every detail was well thought of, and all corners of the place is screaming FIESTA! Kudos to the amazing style team from Prodworxs Party PeepZ for turning an ordinary affair into olé!

There’s no time for mañana! I am so excited to take a peek at the snaps captured for us by Peach Frost Studio.

This entrance is what we need to get the party started. The colorful buntings and decorations will immediately bring guests dancing through the door.

entrance (2)registration (1)

There is nothing more fiesta than colorful festive banderitas. It brings a lot of joyous feel to the affair.

ceilingceiling (2)

The stage is decked with different elements that remind us of a Mexican inspired setting. These guitars, sombreros and cactus will leave you humming to “La Cucaracha”.


These picnic tables are perfect for this feast. The little ones gather around and eat together like in most fiestas I know. Each little guest is given a sombrero and an activity pad to keep them entertained. A variety of centerpieces, both on the kiddie and adult tables added charisma to the affair.

kiddie table (3)kiddie table (1)kiddie table (4)table

This unique looking two-tier cake will make you think, “Is it hot and spicy, or sugary sweet?” Either or, it looks mouthwatering. Sugar Bits Candy Bar did an amazing job with this delectable piece. The chili peppers, cactus, sombrero, and nacho chips design were utterly creative.


It’s a fiesta kind of candy buffet we got here. They made sure that these sweet treats will give the guest that much needed sugar rush to make them dance to the salsa.

sweets (2)sweets (1)

What’s a fiesta without entertainment? Jester and Boy Samson, the main host and magician undoubtedly, made everyone breathless with their amazing show. And the delightful team from the Tectonix left guests in awe.

show (3)showshow (2)

Check out Juacho’s photo gallery setup, I love it!

gallrygallery (2)gallery

Cotton candy art is swiftly becoming a trend at any celebration. Why wouldn’t it? Imagine cotton candy shaped as an elephant or a pig, that’s oh so adorable! Pouf Cotton Candy was there to show us how it’s done.


There are just so many things in-store for Juancho’s party goers. Lovely ladies and little girls are glammed-up at the kiddie salon.


Oh my, these guitar and mustache plushies are just so charming. Very simple yet so unique.

giveaways (2)

And who would have thought that you can giveaway salsa picante in personalized bottles. Purely genius!


Here’s our little celebrant, Juancho, looking muy guapito.

family (7)

Juancho’s lovely family, overjoyed on how the party turned out.

family (8)family (22)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue Styling: Prodworxs.ph | Photos by: Peach Frost Studio | Candy Buffet/Cake: Sugar Bits Candy Bar | Events Coordinator: P3 (Prodworxs Party PeepZ | Host/Magician: Jester | Entertainment : Tectonix and Boy Samson (magic) | Kiddie Salon: Carol Loria | Food cart: kiddie-partycom | Pouf Cotton Candy | Picnic Tables: Windsor & Tiffany | Guitar/Mustache Pillow Giveaways: Pillow Me | Venue : The Blue Leaf | Catering: Passion Cooks


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