Erika’s “Lost my name” Themed Party – 1st Birthday

“One day a little girl awoke, sat up and rubbed her eyes, looked over at her bedroom door and got a BIG surprise!” And that surprise is a super fun and delightful birthday bash! Out of all the bed time children’s book, “The little girl who lost her name” was a surprise pick. This theme is very unique but oh so cute!

theme (1)theme (2)

Kudos to the amazing team of Style It Dainty Studio who turned an ordinary affair into an adventurous one. The magic rainbow trail inspired the color palette and décor throughout the setup. There’s a splash of bright pastel colors everywhere and it brought such an enjoyable vibe. The design reminded us of the pages of the book and every detail is screaming with charm.

Now let’s go and follow that magic rainbow trail as we take a glimpse at the awesome snaps wonderfully captured for us by Ren Faustino Photography.

Erika’s party invitation promises fun and adventure! Looking at the colors of the invite, it will surely make the guests feel delighted and thrilled.


The entrance to the party clearly reveals how dainty and charming this party is. It definitely introduces the theme of the celebration.

entrance (2)

This magic rainbow trail inspired ceiling is truly stunning. The pastel colored drapes and paper lanterns made the ceiling even more whimsical.


The outstanding style team did a great job in unfolding this bed time story and delivering it on stage. The set-up was well thought-of and very detailed. The bed and the magic rainbow trail underneath, the bedside table, and the first page of the book. This stage will immediately transport us to the little girl’s bedroom in no time.

stage (4)stage (1)stage (6)stageA

Erika definitely did not lose her name with this huge letter name standees.

stage (8)

Look at how charming the table was set-up. It was such a clever idea to use the magic rainbow trail as the table runner. Each table also has a photo frame with Erika’s baby picture and a page from the book.

table (5)table (6)tableAtable (7)

This delectable two-tier cake will remind us of the journey to the unknown as the little girl followed the magic rainbow trail.

cake (1)

It was a brilliant idea to use a page of the book as the back drop of the dessert table, and accentuated by pastel paper pompoms. It makes the spread lovely and inviting. And thanks to JK Cookies & Cupcakes for yummy goodies, everything in this dessert spread is truly wondrous and will satisfy any sweet-tooth. From the letter cookies, cupcakes and cake pops, to tidbits such as gummy worms, pastillas, marshmallows and candy coated chocolates, it was divine!

sweets (2)sweets (3)sweets (6)sweets (7)

Everyone was treated to different games that gave loads of amusement and pleasure. Guests were thrilled with these game booths such as: shoot the soldier, can crash and ring toss. Some may think it is old school, but it sure is fun and exciting!


And of course, a space for photo-op. Every party has to have one. Look at how pretty this one is, with the colorful back drop and paper pompoms.

photo-op (1)

Erika’s Gallery is one spot where you’ll often hear “aww” and “cute”. This spread is nothing but cuteness! It showcased Erika’s baby pictures and items that she used when she was an infant.

gallery (2)gallery (1)gallery (3)

These cute and colorful giveaways bags were from Thoughtful Totes. It will keep all the goodies inside safe and sound.


Look at how blissful our little birthday girl is. Erika is as bright as sunshine and surely no one will forget her name.

family (4)

Here’s our birthday cutie with her lovely family.

family (1)family (3)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Style It Dainty Studio // Photographer: Ren Faustino Photography // Videographer: Bella Morcen // Caterer: Passion Cooks Catering // Host: Len Peralta // Magician: Leodini Domapias // Cake and Pastries: JK Cookies & Cupcakes // Giveaway Bags: Thoughtful Totes // Erika’s Personalized Book: Lost My Name // Venue: Jamesville Hotel and Resort

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