Jaime’s Geometric Fox Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Geometric Fox Theme party Ideas


A fox is sometimes tied to the idea of a trickster, usually for being quick and clever; but there’s a deeper reason for that famous expression. In the wild and in the spirit world, these creatures embody wisdom and adaptability to chase on an intense passion and a hearts’ true desire. Since geometric themes are becoming a go-to favorite nowadays, we here in PDM thought that combining these 2 themes together is such an awesome idea! It brings a modern vibe to forest-y theme and the clean lines give off an ‘a la mode feel.

Style It Dainty did a fantastic job with this minimalist design by putting together simple yet sophisticated elements. Scroll down for more photos care of Kiddie Party Photography.

This welcoming set-up says it all. Straight-forward yet classy. Never fall for this cute sleeping fox, though. It is believed that foxes slept with one eye open and thus are always ready to strike — maybe this time, to party!


Guests were invited to write their well wishes for Jaime adding a unique and special touch.

entrance (2)

Still playing on the idea of classicality, the ceiling was adorned with white drapes above colorful paper globes and honeycombs. The hanging fairy lights also added another layer of depth.

table (2)ceiling (2)

Their stage setup is a chic combination of geometric shapes made more dazzling by those framed lights on a clean brickwall-like background. Two different foxes are seen in the stage’s design. A powerful regal white fox in a deep thought and a red fox, believed to be metaphorically connected to the sun to signify burning passion. Perfect qualities we would all want to impart to little Jaime on his special day.

stage (1)stage

The tables are a perfect fusion of pure white and soft blue colors. Little trinkets like cute framed photos of Jaime, pictures of foxes and seemingly random geometric figures adorn the tables.

table (1)tableA

This adorable 3-tier birthday cake is the perfect centerpiece for this party. The cake’s fondant design is a chic mishmash of shapes and pastel colors.

cake (1)cake (4)

Eye candy galore! Another amazing sugar art from Sugarplum Pastries. Solar fox images are consistently placed on the design maybe because everyone is passionate about sugary treats. Cookies and cake pops were garnished with colorful symmetrical shapes and lines, and of course, foxes!

sweets (2)sweets (3)sweetssAsweets (4)sweets (6)sweets

Fun games and exciting magic show by Symond made sure both kids and adults were having a blast while Tectonix provided the entertainment and amazed everyone with their balloon twisting show.

show (2)showA

Jaime’s photowall was a charming backdrop of soft blue and white geometric pattern filled with small details like his cute photos and a cool fox on a hunt.

photowall (1)photowall (3)

For the giveaways, the guests brought home these adorable pillows to hug and play with!


Jaime’s beautiful and loving family posing for our dear birthday boy!

familyfamily (2)family (1)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Style It Dainty // Photo: Kiddie Party Photography (The Balloon People) // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Caterer: The Creamery // Host: Symond // Side Entertainer: Tectonix // Food Carts: IcePopsMnl, & Nacho Bimby // Side Activities: Caricaturist


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