Chloe’s Whimsical Woodland Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Woodland and Friends Theme Party Ideas


There is something achingly poetic about the woodlands. Taking a leisurely walk among the trees, listening to the almost imperceptible sound of a falling leaf hitting a carpet of leaves on the ground, or just feasting your eyes on this masterpiece of nature is like experiencing a poem. It is no wonder that 1 year old Chloe’s parents decided on a woodland theme to celebrate her birthday like an ode to her young life.

The artistic geniuses at Kidstar Kastles pulled out all the stops to recreate a perfect woodland scene. Family, friendship, fun, and every good thing you’d find in a birthday are captured in the brilliant photos by Little Coeo and Bella Morcen Films.

A myriad of verdant hues – clusters of foliage that weave and lace around an arch welcome Chloe’s guests. There’s no mistaking the lush whimsical woodland they’re about to experience.


For a forest canopy, there were yards upon yards of light green fabric and thickly covered vines hanging from the ceiling. Feathery wisps of Spanish moss droop gently down from the strings of vines while transparent balloons tied to the vines seem like crystal balls afloat, lending a fanciful Avatar feel.

ceiling (2)ceiling (3)ceiling (5)

The stage is a small patch of a grassy clearing where Chloe’s woodland friends frolic.

stagestage (2)stageA

The tables are draped in the palest shade of green. The centerpiece is a topiary with the colors of spring – vibrant green leaves with Old Garden roses in purple, pink and peach.

table setting (3)

A simple but elegant touch to the table design were white statice and hydrangeas in glass vases.

tableAtable setting (9)

Chloe’s 4-layered birthday cake is a splendid work of art. Purple and pink peonies with white lace leaves adorn the cake, along with some of woodland friends.

cake (2)cake1

Host Shahein and Tectonix kept everyone at the party entertained with their fun games and antics – dancing while deftly making vividly colorful creations out of balloons.

show (2)

Little canvasses on easels, pastel paints and brushes were set up by The Party Project in an activity corner to give Chloe’s young guests a chance to create their own masterpieces.

table activity

It’s toys galore in this corner! These prizes made the games all the more exciting for the children and indeed, there were prizes for every one of them!

games (2)giveaway (2)

Every one of Chloe’s young guests will find a friend in these soft, fluffy bunnies. What perfect giveaways!


In Chloe’s family, everything is in perfect harmony… and we’re not talking about their perfectly matching clothes but the smile in their eyes and the glow of love on their faces.

celebrant (6)family (32)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: KidstarKastles // Photo: Little Coeo // Video: Bella Morcen Films // Host: Shahein Abraham // Entertainment: Tectonix // Venue : Makati Diamond Residences // Painting station: The Party Project

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