Amara’s Tropical Glam Themed Party – Baptismal

Chic Tropical Theme Party Ideas


With the recent showers brought in by the rainy season, I don’t think I’m alone in missing the summer-state-of-mind. Amara’s tropical-kissed party is just the perfect feature to momentarily forget about the dank and drenching weather.

Just a heads up, though: this is not your typical Hawaiian luau party. Amara made sure that her summer soiree will standout with a touch of sophistication and chicness; a far cry from the cute baptism parties we all love. In order to achieve that, partysphere’s big guns had to be brought in, headed by styling and designing genius Bespoke Manila. Veering from the traditional colorful or pastel palette, the event was livened up with gradient hues of violet and old rose. The combination of the distinctive violet and the whimsical tinge of rose gave off an exquisite medley of class and charm. At a time when party themes revolve around characters, this one begged to differ by going floral-centric all the way. Which just makes it all the more timeless, if I may add.

Ready for some sneak peek of this efflorescent affair? Check out these snaps captured through the omniscient lenses of DLD Photography.

“Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?”. Party print-outs, such as the invites and the misalette covers, featured a fascinating myriad of blooms. It’s beautiful, sweet and vibrant, just like the celebrant herself.

details (2)details (4)

What I really love about the main area is how it became an awesome melting pot of different elements, which can represent an entirely different theme. Of course the tropical vibe jumps right at you, thanks mainly to the foliage backdrop and the pops of verdant. The tropic feels wouldn’t be complete without its unmistakable furniture hallmark, a wicker chair. Here’s one in a warm and vivid shade of old rose, harboring a cute little teddy. To strike the perfect balance of colors, a bean bag in the same hue was set at the opposite side of the couch. Other elements worth noting are the flowers housed in cages and in water cans, which exuded a bit of shabby chic into the air. A marquee stands out on the side, bringing in the element of radiance and brightness. Far from observant eyes, the wooden background pallets are reminiscent of some rustic artistry. Only Bespoke Manila could combine these seemingly unrelated details into one area, orchestrate and harmonize to finally achieve the ultimate atmosphere.

main (7)mainAmain (4)mainB

The striking colors of the blooming centerpieces stood out against the immaculate white linen of the tables. Contrasting and yet complementing, the tables looked streamlined with wild floral splendors peppered here and there.

table (2)table

While the adults’ tables were a vision of class, the kids’ stations emanated rustic and playful feels, mainly because of the wooden picnic tables. The same centerpieces adorned the tabletops, tying up everything with the theme.

kiddieAkiddie (6)

Amara’s cake may appear simple at first glance. But, as it is with all Sugarplum Pastries creations, there is something extraordinarily charming and special in this delightful decadence. Known for their unparalleled attention to details, this spray of sugar flowers sure can rival a real bouquet of fresh blooms.

cake (1)

This designer desserts ensemble, also curated by Sugarplum Pastries, will definitely tempt anyone’s taste buds. Guests were treated to palatable patisserie like mini doughnuts, sugar cookies, cupcakes and cake pops, all abloomed with clusters or leaves. As much as these treats can satisfy the sweet tooth, these eye candies sure do look good on those social feeds too!

sweetssweetsBsweetsAsweets (3)

Guests were also treated to a little excitement and fun via these equally chic game booths.


The photo area is a refreshing frenzy of foliage, accentuated with Amara’s initial wreathed in luscious roses.

photo op (2)

This lovely family has just received the best blessing anyone could ever ask, the adorable Amara . As thanksgiving, Amara’s family not just gave away wonderful thank you tokens; they also donated to their chosen charity and bought 2 wheelchairs for Tacloban City. What a way to show gratitude!

giveawaysAgiveaways (3)giveaways (5)

Amara and her family are a picture of blessed bliss and pure hearts.

family (3)familyAfamily (13)family (12)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Concept and coordination: Bespoke Manila // Stage: SaSo Event Rentals // Other Decorations: Sweet Nest Events // Florals: Royal Flower Shoppe // Photo: Delightful Little Darlings Photography // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Invitation: Amis Print // Host: Marvin of The Jive // Lights and sounds: Sensitivity

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